What if everyone is the same person?

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  1. Like when you wake up, what if you wake up as someone else, but you don't know because you have their memories so you just think that you're yourself?
    What if there was only like one consciousness, but every person is like a different perspective and we are all the same at the same time except different points of view?
    I don't know how much of this makes sense or how well I explained my thought because I'm pretty toasted, but it just seems so weird. Shit.

  2. That's so fucked uppp. It could be true. A man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all. Anything could be. What if you're me thinking this topic up but like, we are in different parts of the same dimension allowing 1being to take up multiple spaces.

    I'm high as fuck lol bye.
  3. That is like fucking quantum physics. I'm not quite adequately medicated to ponder this without my brain exploding. I need to go fire up my Volcano and & get some of this out!!! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413674641.267378.jpg

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  4. When I was really young, I was convinced I was the only real person.
  5. I've had the same thought while high bruh.

    I thought this.

    What if we all are one beings dream or imagination? This is what I was thinking.

    So maybe this thought is where "God" came into play.
  6. IF we all thought the same, dreamed the same things, dressed like everyone else, acted like veryone else there would be a very high chance of killing each other xD
    would get bored of eachother.
    Just go outside now with ur comfy sleepy trousers n tshirt , look in everybodys face n just feel the judgement
    we cant be all the same!
  7. People think that because we (collectively) are the same person. You stop thinking this thought because you want to avoid narcissism, "if I actually think i am the only being then I probably only think about myself". Yet you were right, you are as important as you thought as a child because you are not only yourself. You are also every living organism in the universe. And they are you!

  8. Is called Solipsism, no?
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    When i was younger I thought for a while I was the only real person, and like that everyone else were just "robots" to make my existence seem real to me. that no one else had consciousnesses and shit. Because to me, I couldnt view anything from someone elses view, so shit maybe they could not even be real humans like myself, Theres no way for me to know. Im now realizing how trippy of a kid I was
  11. Well I contemplated on who people were, especially family. I was convinced people had their own universe and this was mine alone.
  12. Are we not all in the Matrix?
  13. Everyone is the same person,it's just we are raised and growing up in a different environment than others.Like the holy bible says we are all born equal.Now sit your pipe/bong/J down.
  14. pass that shit.

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  15. They just proved quantum reality's to exist, so it is most definitely possible. If not within this universe, then definitely another.
  16. Fuck off.
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    Your not real man, none of us are
  18. Dude, there's this story called "the Egg" that talks about the same topic, trippy as shit. It's got some religious elements I guess, but it's still a sick little read. Check it out if you've never read it

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