What If Earth Is Really Purgatory?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by bdeslaur, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Human relationships are more powerful than herb, combine the two for an even better experience.

    The trick is finding people worth sharing that experience.

  2. There are procedures, energetic procedures. There is an escape route but this condition on earth provides two directions it would seem: heaven or hell. It's like training for heaven or hell. Or, something that transcends both. It has been my actual purpose while conjuring up cloaking purposes--I'd say it is everyone's purpose: to escape.
  3. I use for various mental reasons I've never fit in anywhere really, so the search is always on. I don't intend to off myself intentionally I let nature do that for me because I'm strong enough to at least live it and, not give up. But I still feel discouraged and bleek outlook. I pretty teach others to not be like me. Don't let depression consume you force you to give up on your dreams like I have. I've found near impossible to be happy without the help of the healing herb. I'm better than I used to be I've been lower but you can always climb back up. It could always be worse. Never feel pitty for me in the slightest there are people going hungry and at least I have a roof over my head so at least I can slightly live. I'm in need of no assistance. But thanks for reading my perspective outlook. I know its a sad one to read but, just remember I have 1st world problems and some stupid mental conditions. I have to earn that happiness.
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  4. Nor Hell, nor Heaven, nor Limbo exist, however you can witness experiences similar to what those concepts depict here on Planet Earth.
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  5. What if our decisions here on Earth change what demention we are in and Heaven or Hell is actually lived out while we are living?
  6. Guys I had a dr3am once where I and everyone else were communicating by telepathy, it was amazing! It was so vivid it was unbelievable, You still had privacy it was like you had a front and back thought process where the thoughts in the back of your head were private but if you wanted to you could push them into the front of your mind and anyone could have access to it. No one could force their ideas or will onto you but you could let people know what you were thinking just by focusing that thought at them and vice versa.
    It was a higher sense of reality like we had all evolved to the next level of consciousness, when I woke up it was disappointing because it was one of them dreams you really dont want to end. I'm a very vivid dreamer anyway and always dream when sleeping and really enjoy what goes on 99% of the time. I've often thought about that dream and wonder if one day will we all be able to communicate telepathically once we merge together with technology through the Rfid chip or some other method. I'm not saying we should but given the choice I think that I might give it a go, even though before this dream I was against the idea of being " chipped" or receiving the so called "mark of the beast", it's given me pause for thought anyway.
    Shedhead out!

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