What If Earth Is Really Purgatory?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by bdeslaur, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. What if we are actually in purgatory right now and we are awaiting our souls to be released by death? Earth is purgatory. You can either die and go to hell or die and go to heaven. It sure could be purgatory because everyone has unfinished business and the ultimate goal is to live and feel good. Perhaps when we reach that point, we die. Maybe I'm just too buzzed to think logically.
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  2. It could be. The only place i have ever heard of purgatory is the catholic religion , which i detest. But yeah, when we were in our mothers womb, we were not released from that purgatory until we were born. Perhaps we will be released from this purgatory when we die. Defining God and heaven is none of my business until I die. Then I will know for sure. Until then, i'm gonna enjoy getting high in this life! Thanks for the question.
  3. I think since purgatory is exclusively a concept made up by 1 or so religions, you're forced to either believe that religion (thus what it says about purgatory) or do what most people on earth do and not give a fuck about it.
  4. True, I've thought of this before, usually right when I wake up lol
  5. Isn't this the idea of scientology?
  6. Its possible. Nobody knows for sure what the "truth" is about life. Good idea though!

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  7. Nobody knows anything for a fact. Everyone dies. Nobody exists on purpose. Shit like that kinda just makes me think hell is coming to us we are not going to it. I don't believe in set religious beliefs bc it's weird and dogma divides. But I believe in a good force and an opposing force. A battle of time. Haha I'm pretty baked bros

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  8. I feel like death is an achievement that you earn in good ways or bad ways and whatever percentage of yin and yang you got decide wether your a boss in the next life or an anal bead you know

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  9. Reality is yours my nigga create it... Underachievers-the proclamation

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  10. As soon as the proof of anything shows up message me
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  11. Death gotta easy cause life is hard 50 cent
  12. But they don't give *** cause they Street struck - big L

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  13. The Catholic Church teaches that purgatory is in fact on the earth. This explains the ghostly figures people claim to see deceased loved ones.
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  14. We can say "what if" about anything really. What really matters is if we have reason and evidence to support our claims. I can see no logical reason to believe in purgatory. No one has ever even proven the existence of a soul.
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  15. Come watch TV.
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  16. That's where I'm going when I die.

    Right after I take a swing at God.
  17. I'm just glad that googling "earth as purgatory" brought up others who have ascertained the same possibility. I feel better. Thank you! I am not alone in purgatory!
  18. It's out there now--some scientists are talkin' soul!
  19. Then let me fucking die I hate this place. Bud is the one the things that's worth living for.

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