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What if demanded medical marijuana, not pills.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by whitekong, May 30, 2009.

  1. So you live in a state like NC, where there are not laws passed for patients to be treated by medical marijuana. You get any injury that would normally be treated with pain killers like hydrocodone or something else along those lines, but refused to take pills because they made you sick. Could medial marijuana be given or are you just SOL and have to take pills?
  2. You'd be SOL. Just because you think you need a drug doesn't mean you get it. Regardless of what you want to use, you're still limited to legal drugs.
  3. Yep :(
  4. However, if you plan on using MMJ, you should still treat it like any other drug and let your doc know you're using it.
  5. Yeah, it sucks man. I quit the abusive use of antidepressants, benzos, and alcohol because of pot. :smoke: But when i cant smoke, it sucks because i dont want to go back to AD and Benzos because they are highly addictive and arent as enjoyable haha.

    Plus the goal of Big Pharm is to get you addicted and only be allowed to use their forms of comfort. Whats more profittable than an addictive pill that a person has to take every day or else you go through a manic depressive state without them? The government is behind big business, so until that changes the laws wont.

    SOL unfortunately brother.

    Hopefully in a couple years you wont have to deal with this.

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