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What if Cannabis went extinct right now....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reasoning, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. What would you do? What would be your reaction? What would you do with your remaining weed?

    No I know there's no chance in the near future (or ever) that weed will go extinct but this is a hypothetical question.

    Imagine the uproar that happen.. woahhh :eek:

    But I would personally stop smoking, save my weed and keep it fresh for a few years then sell it for an incredibly high price :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  2. Hahaha mad people are going to hate on you for this post but i think its funny as hell. I would probably do what you decided OR smoke that shit after like a year and appreciate the fuck out of it.
  3. That question doesn't make sense. If people have seeds they can grow them.
  4. I would start giving away my OZ worth of seed so people could start growing it.
  5. Idk how it could i have like 1000s of bagseed in my garage
    Id just repopulate the planet myself haha
  6. Become a billionaire so I can buy all the weed from you greedy fucks saving it and selling it for a high price lol
  7. Some


    don't understand the word "hypothetically"
  8. cmon i dont wanna think negative thoughts lol
  9. plant more with all the bagseed I have and make my own new strain that would be the most potent in the world. (because if it was extinct any strain would be the most potent haha)

  10. I Hold Grudges So if Weed Went Extinct,I'd Whip Everyones A$$ That Gave
    Me A Hard Time A Few Years Back,I'd Be Sad That Mary-J Was No More...
    That Would Be Like Losing A Family Member And i Would Probaly Be
    Deep Off In A psyciatric Hospital....iT'S That Serious:smoke:
  11. No doubt, id smoke everything i have right now try n get as much as possible from friends then as soon as im outta weed:smoke:...pull tha trigger, i dont wanna b here without my trees hahaha
  12. I don't even want to think about what i would do if weed went extinct...:bongin:
  13. Dont even play like that.
  14. i would buy 100 pounds the day before. then save it in thousands or mason jars and buy a refrigerator just for it. sell 1 pound every other year for 1 million dollars. smoke 1 pound every two years. about a half gram a day, i think i would be able to do it.
  15. I think i would never be the same
  16. ^ He said RIGHT NOW. You wouldn't know it would be extinct today yesterday.

    I would go back to drinking probly. And hit up my dealer buy the rest of his shit, save it, then sell it for outrageous prices. 400 an 8th :p
  17. life would go on
  18. i'd move on, if its gone whats the point in reminiscing?
  19. If it went extinct, vanished from existence. Then i would drink liquor.
  20. i would go extinct

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