What I'd the wealthiest you ever got selling weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Business and Industry' started by putinfanboy96, Jun 22, 2019.

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  1. Id like to know what potential capital there is to be gained just starting to sell your harvested weed. Imagine I got rich selling weed, I got so outrageously rich and I love politics so I spend some of my vast wealth on financing and kick-starting revolutions in western Europe, Scandinavia, and the Anglo nation's as well as have a private military to militarily filibuster nation's in Latin American and Africa.

    I know this is more likely impractical, but could selling weed potentially make you rich enough to do this?

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  2. Well...I think your plans seem to have been hatched while stoned, so have fun if that all ever comes to pass?

    I don't think people...or at least a large percentage of people "get rich" off growing weed in a non-commercial way.
  3. Unless you plan on being the next Pablo Escobar you won't get that rich selling weed unless you're doing huge grow ops..

    Most people who sell weed do so to support there own smoking habbits not to get rich lol
  4. I mean, I think people often turn a few more bucks than that...but personally? Aside from an outdoor farmer with fucking monsters, I've never seen any small grow op do more than supply someone and their friends/family and maybe a few grand on top per grow...though I've never known one of these people that deck out a whole room or house/apartment to grow either.
    The vast majority, like you said are definitely small growers.
    I mean sure, they're not like, ever paying for weed, and have a bit of money to throw around occasionally?
    Getting rich, they are not.
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  5. The price of pot is way less than it used to be..back before prohibition I could make 1000$ a day selling but the profit margins are just too low now to weigh risk v reward

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  6. Surely no one here has ever sold any, so this thread is mote.

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