What I want to know is...

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  1. What is it you wonder about? What's that one stupid thing you really want to know?

    What I want to know is...

    Where's my hover car? I've been hearing about this thing since I was a kid reading Popular Mechanics. I fully expected that by now, we'd be floating on cushions of air, a foot or two above the ground at high speed like the Jetsons. Where the fuck is my hover car already??
  2. Why has no-one literally shat on ICP yet?
  3. THE one stupid thing i'd like to know is... why the fuck is marijuana still illegal...
  4. when are they going to take jersey shore off television..
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    If you read the book Area 51, it claims hover technology has been around since the 50s.

    Edit: area 51 by Annie Jacobsen.
  6. What does an elephant's foreskin fried in olive oil taste like?
  7. Where are my socks? I have more singles than full pairs. Where the hell are they??

  8. I want to know if any spiritual ideas are real, especially the ones i favor.

    Also i'd like to know the answer to all physics.

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