What I want for Christmas

Discussion in 'General' started by Oregon, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. :hello:Well GC the season is almost upon us! It may be September but It's never to early to let the Mary Jane Gods know what you'd like to make your Christmas as special as possible!

    So Heres My list:

    1 lb of frosty dankness
    10 hits of LSD
    10 g's of Shrooms
    10 hits of X
    A new US Tubes bong (thickr the bettr)
    A brand new care kit (Screens, Poker, Ashtray etc)

    I already know what my wife is getting lol! She has been wanting a new Illy bong and I'm going to get one done with her name in the artwork.

    Post what you want for X-mas :)
  2. Frosty dankness indeed, but I'll pass on the other stuff.
  3. a football

    and a fuckload of weed.
  4. I wanna - Truce in LA, stop shooting up where the kids play, stop before you pull it out your pocket and pop it. Cuz ain't no body about to stop it, strong arm steady masters of the game.

    A fat ounce of the dro, and since every body has the black phantom I want the white phantom to Push.. :smoking:
  5. New digital turntables.

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