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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by RMJL, Feb 15, 2001.

  1. I believe that when you smoke pot you are relaxing your physical being to a point where the soul has no barriers and can explore the surroundings freely without inhibitions.

    I tend to thirst for knowledge on such a higher level when I am stoned. I feel as though my mind is more apt to explore those things which I am bewildered by rather than information that is inconsequential at the time. However, sometimes that which is irrelevant is what really boggles the mind.

    It is a never-ending quest. :rolleyes:
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  2. I would agree rmjl :)

    Free your mind..and the rest will follow \o/
  3. yeah rumjil.

    i agree on so many levels...
    my already unquenchable thirst for knowledge increases when i get stoned.

    it's almost like it reduces body and increases brain. ie... cannabis makes you thik. a good reason for secretly oppressive governmetns to want to keep it ilegal wouldn't you think.

    i used cannabis to help me study as did my flatmate. that was hardly suprising considering i was doing an arts based course where creativity was a must. but for him, who was doing biotechnology, it seemed more difficult for some others to understand, being as what he was doing was a more accademic course.

    it makes sence from a more scientific point of view... cannabis increases the bloodflow to the brain and therefor oxygen. so this is basically an increase of fuel to the brain, and allowing the brain to process more fuel.

    and the THC receptors in the brain... what are they there for? science has yet to find the answers... but from my experiences I'd have to say its to make us think more. and 'more' is the key word here. more thought, more input from our sences.... its why we like our fave music more, why colours seem richer and more vivid.

    problem is the stml. you get a hundred ingenious thoughts but if only you could consistantly remember what had been going on in the last thought so u could carry thoughts on, and on, and on. maybe that's an important part of it too.. there has to be a break in thoughts so you dont end up following the doofus thoughts.

    i'm sure i've even managed to tap into other people's brains when really high and in a calm place (set and setting). its even quite possable that the use of cannabis not only activates the epi- emig... oh i forget what its called... the "god center" of the brain (rastas have known this for a long time), but also activates our "third eye" and improves it, flexes it's ability for the future.

    could this be something we pass down to the next generation? i hope so.
  4. i couldnt agree with u more rmjl! i think right about now that you are freeing your soul and wondering your mind, r u high?:::):):) hehe! hope u having fun!
  5. i agree with all that digit... especially the part about tapping into other people's minds because i think ive done that a few times and really freaked people out with how much i could tell them about their emoti ons and defense habits and things like that.. things no1 else had ever noticed about them before but i was able to as i became more comfortable with them...

    but on the other side of that coin, it can be argued (legitimately) that weed makes you alot more gullible and you believe things that normally disagree with logic... or you could say that weed just opens your mind to a whole nother world of thought and releases your inhibitions.. whos to say right?

    but i do know that on a particular shroom trip in a forest that was full of energy i felt the most enlightened i ever had in my life and i almost cried right there because everything made so much sense to me, but i also knew that it wouldnt remain with me the next day... i still remember that feeling, but the thoughts dont remain
  6. bumping the second oldest thread in the spirituality and philosophy section. :D

    wud love to hear other people's "What I think"s about cannabis from a spirituality and philosophy perspective.
  7. I believe Cannabis, lets you feel, what it's like to, exist as a soul.
  8. I couldn't agree more with what RMJL had to say.

    I wouldn't have worded it any other way.
  9. Marijuana is a tool, in the sense that how you use it depends a lot on what it is you get out of it.

    Some view those who smoke marijuana as "drug addicts" (ie the American government/less-informed public), which may be the case for some users. However, this plant can be used to touch certain aspects of our own exitence that are hard to examine otherwise.

    A lot of what we seek to understand lies within our own minds. Marijuana doesnt reveal things to you, but rather allows you to achieve a state of mind in which you reveal things to yourself....things you may not have even considered in the first place.

    The greatest joy of life is the ability to examine it. Humans have a need to question, a need to know, and a need to understand. Those of us seeking the path to a greater understanding find this drug extremely useful in our quest, and as such I will continue to use it for as long as it plays a benefitial role in my life.
  10. There is no question that my stoned thoughts are extremely rapid and complex, connecting all sorts of ideas.

    However, the sheer amount of short term memory loss that I get while stoned prevents me from going any deeper into my ideas.

    Shroomin' on the other hand... way better in my opinion (for exploring thoughts). I don't lose track of my thoughts at all while tripping and I'm able to think in even more abstract ways.
  11. Guys - I am high right now so I can give a first person point of view!
    It's AWESOME! :hello::smoking:
    RMJL Is right though- i catch my self pondering things that I would not usually ponder..
  12. Couldn't have said it better myself. Upon reading that, time to go pack a few bowls.

  13. The stoner memory really does exist, though it is a learned skill.

  14. True, and if you are high most of the time, you might end up functioning better in that mind state than in your sober one. :) It's how I like to learn math.
  15. It is certainly a different way of learning. lol

    THC is known to suppress your hippocampus, which is responsible for long term memory; so if you learn to function without it, your really breaking new ground lol.

  16. I love that feeling.
  17. Bad ass thread.
  18. it's how i like to get anything done. :stoned:

    .... * remembers there's a website that needs building *
    * leaves *
  19. pretty cool. thats how dxm was to me. can you believe its legal? id guess god likes it or something
  20. Wow, this is an old thread.

    Nice work dangle. :rolleyes:

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