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  1. Just something I was thinking about earlier. I have a really hard time trusting the female population. I never know if I am being lied to. The truth can pretty easily turn into a lie. Even accidentally.

    I'm scared of relationships because of the fear of them turning sour, if you can dig that. It tends to make relationships seem pointless. Just something to do in-between sex sessions.

    Realistically, most relationships don't work out. Probably whomever you are with now, you aren't going to be with them forever, regardless of what you think. You can say 'I'll love you forever' and all that bullshit, but what does it really mean?

    Nothing. It's just something that people say. It is completely meaningless. To think that you are ever in a position to say, 'Hey dude, I'll love you forever and we'll get married and die laying in the same bed together' is fucking ridiculous. People change their minds. People lie. People fuck up. People are stupid. People cheat. People fall out of love.

    Fuck people.

    Relationships, to me, seem like a drug. You find you a girl that you dig, you fuck her for a while, then she (or you) will eventually (most likely) break up and be sad and heartbroken and miserable. (This applies to being in a relationship with someone you care about, not this fake fuck buddy shit that most people have going on.) So basically what I am trying to say is that it's good for a while and then it probably will get bad.

    And, to make matters worse, the longer its good, the worse the bad part will be. Can you see how that is like a drug?

    Love is fake. Think about it. Love is a feeling, that's all. Feelings are created by your body for various reasons. All 'love' is is your body saying 'Oh ho ho, here we have something fuckable. I'd better produce happy feelings so I can reproduce!' There is no magic kind of love in the world.

    Being 'in love' is exactly the same as an addiction. All that it means to be in love with someone is you have found someone to fuck that isn't annoying. Think about that. After you break up, it's going to hurt, just like if you stopped doing a drug. Your body goes through love withdrawal symptoms for a while because for however long it has been producing the 'happy love' chemical and then it just stops all of a sudden.

    People that have experienced 'love at first sight' can be broken down into one category: Simple minded. To believe that it is possible to just look at someone and love them is absolutely insane. You can't just love someone automatically, unless you are at about the same maturity level as a seventh grader. 'Love at first sight' is synonymous with 'Wanting to fuck at first sight.'

    "But I knew from the first time I saw her that I would spend the rest of my life with her."

    No, actually the first time you saw her, your brain screamed 'I want to fuck that!' and so you went up and talked to her. If a marriage and a happily ever after ending comes from it, then ALL that fucking means is that her brain screamed "I want to fuck that!" when she saw you.

    Getting to know people that you are interested in a relationship with is just a way of your brain finding you something to fuck that isn't going to annoy you.

    Love is your body producing a feeling that you will like so that you will keep this person around, and fuck them.

    Love is propaganda. Fuck relationships, fuck love, fuck people, and most of all dear reader: Fuck you.

    Someone prove me wrong.
  2. I've been thinking along the same lines, recently. I'm pretty fucking inexperienced when it comes to love, but this is what I've concluded after the past few weeks fo my life. Everything we humans experience is the byproduct of natural selection. All of the feelings we feel are there to make us do the things that have made us reproduce.

    I'm still confused, but I feel like I'm discovering that life isn't what it seemed like.
  3. Mmmkay guys, here's the deal. There was a similar discussion in the paid-members-only section. I'll quote here what I posted there.
    The point is, even though stuff isn't working out for you right now, it eventually does work out for alot of people. Chances are you're young, like younger than 25... and you're right, relationships at that age usually don't work out. I think it's silly to lose faith in something when you have your whole life ahead of you to figure it out, and you're cheating yourself with this outlook because you're being pessimistic in your views, which can easily interfere with future relationships. The best things come along when you're not looking for them, take things as they come and all will be well. :wave:
  4. so tru hilikus.

    ok me and jamie grew up in the same neighborhood. hes 7 yrs older than me but some how our paths kept crossing constantly. thru the years, thru friends we both knew or came across, same area/neighborhood buildings, same party scenes, same area to go hang out alone. finally our paths crossed each other not thru others or who we knew or where we were growing up. finally we couldnt help it and got together, been that way thru the years and 2 kids later, still going strong.

  5. How is being pessimistic in my views going too easily interfere with any future relationships I may have?

    I don't really think that I have lost faith. I think that I'm still just a little bit upset over what happened with me and my ex. I'm just a little bit angry and depressed inside but I don't think that I've lost faith.
  6. Because I think if/when you move on to your next relationship, you're not going to be 100% confident in it because you see love as a farce. Unless the next person you meet totally changes your perspective on things, it's easy for a negative outlook to result in lack of effort in a relationship, trust issues, etc. with the justification of "love is fake anyway, and no relationship ever lasts forever."

    EDIT: If you thought I was criticizing you for being pessimistic, I wasn't. I was just expressing my opinion that you would be the one to miss out on great things if you go into a romantic relationship expecting it to fail.
  7. The thing with "love at first sight" is that people tend to confuse it with "happily ever after" and dismiss it as fairy tale bullshit. But you can love someone the moment you meet them and still have it not work out in the long run.

    It's also not anywhere near the same as "want to fuck at first sight".

    I've had the latter dozens of times. Chicks that I see walk by and my jaw drops and my eyes bug out and I go "Wahwahawahabbbbllblblblb" like a wolf in a Tex Avery cartoon. I'm a dude. Comes with the territory.

    I've only had "love at first sight" once. And it was exactly like all the cliches in the movies. I felt like I'd been hit in the head and chest with a sledgehammer. The light around her dimmed so it was like she had a spotlight on her. I heard friggin' cartoon birds chirping and angelic choirs and shit.

    I've been in few relationships, but that girl was the only one I can truly say I loved, and I loved her from the moment I laid eyes on her.

    Of course it ended in ruin and chaos, but hey, c'est la vie.
  8. yeah you pretty much hit the nail on the head....
    even when your "in love" and things are good, when you see a fine piece of ass stroll by your still gonna want to fuck it. and if you dont think like that then you are probably female.
  9. Couldn't agree more lol :smoking:
  10. I entirely agree, man. Love is just a by-product of the basic human need to further our own race, the human need to reproduce. But most people don't fucking get it.

    Love makes people do all kinds of stupid shit, destroys lives, causes people to kill themselves or kill/harm others. It's truly the most dangerous drug.
  11. True shit man this is deep.

    IMO, we are all just a part of god or whoever's game. The worlds goal isn't for people to have true great feelings for each other, it could care less. All that matters is that if those feelings stick around just long enough to reproduce and keep this realistic sims game going on, then their job is done. Not sure if this makes sense does anybody know what I mean? lol:confused:

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