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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by MyNameIsBud, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. i ahve been kidna dry in terms of KB i got this from a friend today for $15. tell me whatcha guys/gals think

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  2. a close up...

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  3. seems a little skimp for a $15 pickup... but its KB, looks pretty good.. hope you get nice and high :smoke:
  4. Hey man ya do what ya gotta do.... enjoy, get blown out. :smoke: I picked up about 2.7 grams of totally killer KB from cali for 20$ but that was a good hookup.
  5. im def. smokign that shit at my bus stop, exhale into my coat so no one sees smoke, im in the clear. haha
  6. LOL. I'm such a dumbass! ROFL

    whew.. anyway.. I looked at that pic and didn't notice the lighter as a size comparison.

    I was wonderin' why grass roots said that it didn't look like much for $15, because it looked like a WHOLE LOTTA weed to me!

    Then I saw the lighter....
  7. they rip u off G...
  8. never seen weed with absolutely NO amber hairs.... does it have lots of crystals. We cant see on the pics.

    kinda looks like trim to me like more leaf and litle stems than buds...
    how does it smell?

  9. You can see crystals in the second picture. I personally wouldn't pay 15 bucks for that little bit of shwagish KB (imo, KB is overrated), maybe for that same amount of kush or white rhino, but not KB. Anyway, that's just me, hope you had a good smoke man.
  10. 1-2 look like branches, 3 looks like leaf. We can see more leaf on other spots.

    hows the smoke?

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  11. its very cyrstally and has amber hairs they're just a tad on the dark side. i smoekd some on my bus today, took about 5 hits form a bat i made and it kept me high till 5th period.
  12. Smoked out of a bowl? Hope you didnt get any sucked into your mouth, hah, used a screen? Thats a good amount for a decent j.. mmm...
  13. MyNameIsBud
    Fantastic Fork please stop talking man you sound so stupid and fake
  14. haha ok? shouldnt you be posting at yahooka with that shit?
  15. Im on the island too but I can get some madd dank stuff for 10 bucks a gram.And its more then you got there.Nice light green,completly covered in crystals and a ton of red hairs.Shits great.The guy I get it from is like a big time dealer in my area(North Babylon/Wyandanch).He sells crack and weed.Maybe you might have heard of him,his names Esko.(And i dont live in wyandanch,its the next town over though.)
  16. Okay, I'll say it...that's not really very good looking weed at all. I mean, it's okay and it's probably better than it looks judging by some fair crystal coverage, but 90% of the weed I get looks better than that.
  17. i just wanted to let you no how fake you were and how everyone should no
  18. sel- im really not getting what yer tlaking about, but then again i really dont care i'll end it here..

    nbbd1375- i live in hampton bays. the weed i ususally get comes form this guy in southhampton named yabbo. i dunno if youve ever ehard of him but his shits alot better than what i got.

    its pretty ok weed
    and it got me high, so i cnat reall complain
  19. looks like some alright grown bag seed weed. id smoke that in 1 blunt if i were u
  20. It's better than schwag...but you should have gotten 1.5 for $15 at least...

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