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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by easygrower, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. im getting some ppp , mango and white widow seeds later today and need to know some shit about this...

    about lights: how much light should o give them to start..i know tha 12/12 is normal but shouldnt they have more lights in the beginning?

    soil: do i just buy normal soil at the ¨plantguyshop¨?

    feeding: i got a bottle with some green liquid, that im suposed to have in the water i water my plants with...do i use this? and if so kan to much of this kill my plant in early stages

    and.. cant i just put the seeds right in the soil? or is this very bad?

    and yes there prob is answers for this in the forum but i cant find all...so if thats what you want to say pls use your time to help me instead =)

    thanx in advance..
  2. quote:Yes u can put seeds stright in the soil...but while its in the soil it dont need light...just put it in a warn place and make sure it dont get dry ...

    dont it need any lights? for how long? i got it under a very strong light right now .. in a very varm place

    il try to post a pic of my grow room soon cam dont seem to be working right now
  3. yes ok thanx for the good advise...=)

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