what i made(feedback please)

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by jpaperkid, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. so i made this about 3 weeks ago with a friend. i saw this cup and just couldn't keep away.
    i made it out of:
    -the vegas bottle i got from my trip(in retrospect i wish i would have got the bigger one)
    -a metal pipe
    -two screws
    -and a socket

    it hits really nice if you fill the tube up with ice(thats where the screws come in)
    the bowl is smaller than i would like it but it conserves bud quiet a bit. toke like 5 bowls by myself and im blazed.

    please dont hate and such i just want some ideas and feedback.


    edit: the bowl pulls out like a normal bong(no carb hole)
  2. That's nice for a homemade :)
  3. nice home made.

  4. thanks guys. i'm glad ya'll like it. it was fun to make. and hits smooth and big. i love it
  5. Nice job I used to make stuff like this all the time.
    But theres nothing like a quality glass on glass if you can afford it :)
  6. i love glass but theres also something great about making it yourself. like rolling your own joint its just special then.
    thanks zaggin

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