What I just Orderd from GC- Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by jfweeden, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. +rep That shit's gonna look sexy, not something I'd recommend going outside smoking with tho. I wouldn't feel safe with that many pieces but that may just be me hahaha. Hope you enjoy that bro :smoking:
  2. Nice, I'm gonna get that connector and use my octopus precooler as a bubbler.

    Get yourself some plastic keck clips to hold the joint together so it doesn't fall apart and break.
  3. Nice pick up...and like Phizix said

    K-clips are important
  4. thanks all-

    indeed indeed i will. they sure are haha

    yeah man that BL connector isn't really too shabby for the price. I like it better than the WS connector for sure.

    its gonna rip so nice on that octopus bubbler.

    In regardes to the BL connector- i've searched and searched for any other website or youtube video or even a freaking review other than the one on GC, but i can't.

    apparently GC is the only place ever in the whole intra net that has it haha.

  5. You pay >$60 for an eighth?
  6. just saying its less than an eighth in my head...by .02 cents.

    i wish eighths were only whatever you lucky Canadians pay..but here on the east coast, 60 is S.O.P.


  7. lol canada ftw! my friend hooks me up with 10-14gs for $50 I wouldnt say dank but really high mids
    But nice buy tho, make sure to post some pics when u get it :smoking:
  8. gonna get water in the mouthpiece. guaranteed.
  9. ^
    This guy is right.
    That a/c's is useless, I had the same one. So much splashback that there's not enough water left in it after one hit to filter effectively. Sorry OP. Bad choice.

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