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  1. Whats up everyone. This is the first year that I am growing but I have grown my own corn, tomatoe, bean, etc. garden with my grandpa before, so I have some growing experience. I have a partner if thats what you want to call it who has like 5 years erb growing experience, but only 2 successful years. But these pictures are just some sprouts so far. The first picture is like 30 or so sprouts growing in my gutter that I started on about march 23rd. The next picture is a set of sprouts that were started on march 6th. The next picture is the plot we got going in our woods. The next 5 are pictures of the sprouts up close. Then there is the 2 pictures of the plant we decided to test on the hillside by this tight natural waterfall deal. But those pictures will be on the next reply. These pictures were takin probably a month ago. I have pictures of them up to date just not on my computer, I will have some as soon as possible. I found some trouble with my gutter sprouts, since they are growing in soil in my gutter they have all the free root space they need. I didnt think about that and they all grew together. I transplanted them to a different spot but some of the roots got ripped off. All of them are still healthy though, just not growing any taller. But yeah, im gonna get the up to date pictures. Im looking for all the tips and reviews as i can get so please give me some help. Thanks brothers

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  2. Here they are and if anybody can tell me how to let you see the original version instead of me having to scale it down in paint to fit in the maximum size for the attachment. that would be way more helpful.

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  3. Hey those plants dont look to good do you actually plan on growing in your gutter? Good luckdoingthat one big rain storm and they will be washed out not to mention they have no root spacein there Id remove those ASAPand put them in the ground or in pots. Is ur partner helping oyu very much if he has 5 years experience heshould know better than this im only on my first yeare myself but I have beengrowing inside for a year and got cloning down and everything well good luck. long post:smoking:
  4. Yeah get those our they have no root space (look at the leaves they're curling) just transplant them into the ground.

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