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what, i dont understand...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Label425, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. i saw some commercial about how money for drugs goes to terrorists. WTF is that BS. Or maybe its just that I dont get it. Isn't it the governments fault for making weed illegal? I dunno...
  2. its just an exageration. smuggling drugs into this country is much harder now than it was. the afgan weed was originally from Afghanistan and controled by terrorist factions. but since the US cracked down on imported drugs most of the afghan weed u get will be grown here in america. i dunno about opium or the rest, but thats the case for reefer
  3. Yep. It's easier to just grow it here instead of trying to sneak it in across a boarder.

    It's just a matter of perspective. From our point of view, if the government wouldn’t have banned it we could be buying it from them and not from people who got it from people who grew it from seeds that they got from people who received them from someone in Canada who got it from somebody in Afghanistan in the Kabul airport. :D

    From their point of view, if we were good little sheep we would not even try drugs. Cause they're bad mmmkay ? Then our money wouldn't be going to the terrorists.

    It’s a fucked up cycle. But at the end of the day, doesn’t it make sense that a person of sound (or unsound for that matter) mind can choose to ingest what they wish as long as they are not hurting anybody else?

    I happen to know somebody who was growing "ghani" smoke. He didn't go to Kabul (Man! As far as I know anyway!) It certainly was nummers!
  4. I know afghanistan is one of the leading exporters of opium and its derivatives in the world, even though its "illegal" there also.

    ive heard that the US only has proof that opiate buyers are giving only a slight if any profit to afghanies, so hey since they have millions of dollars to blow on commercials that make it sound like any drug baught will help the terrorists they go ahead and do it.(even though they could have spent that money on productive things like decent funding for rehab clinics)
  5. NuBBiN's right, it's only a small percentage of the OPIATE drug industry that the US is contributing to. However, the commercials, created & endorsed by (of course) anti-drug companies are exaggerated to try to get some patriotic point across. Like if you're an American you wouldn't do drugs because buying drugs means you support the terrorists.

    The problem with these commercials, is that drug users know the facts about the situation and know that it's all a crock of shit. So how effective are they, really?
    They just confirm to conservatives and ignorants that drugs are bad, mmmkay (as budburner so eloquently puts it hehe).
    And it might get young kids to think hmm this is bad, which frankly, young kids shouldn't be doing drugs anyway.

    And besides, afghani weed is a strain that may come from afghanistan, but like all strains, seeds/clones can travel, and can be grown anywhere, right?

    I saw those commercials and thought they were ridiculous because they are so incredibly exaggerated it's ALMOST misinformation... But that's what they've been feeding us in commercials for years, so why be surprised?
  6. Its complete bullshit. Roughly 80% of all pot in america is grown here,in canada, mexico, or jamacia. Before you consider smoking a joint funding terroism, perhaps you should think of the last time you gassed up your car. Its the ignorant suburban driving upper middle class sheep with the american flag on their car that always cut you off or tailgate you.
    Another thing that bother's me is Bush's "No child will be left be hind" effort. This was followed by a 40 billion dollar education cut, 500,000 of which is my county and my state is already 50th in public education, first in teen pregnancy, and last in economy(good thing i go to private school huh).
  7. i dunno if anyone else here watches teh daily show, but yesterday (maybe it was teh day before) a guy was on talkin about the 'secret meetings' held with enron people...and the bush administration was planning (with the cooperationof the Taliban) to build a pipeline thru afghanistan...oh yea and bush's first oil rig was funded by the Bin Laden family....
  8. Hmmm, now that's very interesting!

    I'll have to research that out on the web.


  9. The Bin Laden family is very successful and popular in the Middle East. Osama's father is the owner of a HUGE construction company and is worth billions.
    Osama is just the black sheep of the family.

    So don't spread propaganda ;)
  10. yeah I was gonna say...Osama is one of 50 some children in his family and a number of them live in the US and refuse to talk to their brother or accept him as a part of their family anymore.Unlike most of his siblings who earned their riches, Osama was just a spoiled little punk ass middle easterner who inhereted buttloads from family...and he says he knows what its like for the millions of starving afghanies...yet hes been rich all his life....what a fucking twat

    but I dont condone what George dWi Bush has been doing to people overseas either, hes just as much a twat...and his total SAT scores were 900,and hes spent 65% of his presidency "vacationing" on his texas ranch leaving that old pacemaker cheney in charge.... fucking bitch ass hick done bitching now

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