what i did today instead of my final paper xp

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by ashleybear808, May 11, 2010.

  1. none of this is particularly impressive, only mildy amusingg. click for larger version. [they(mostly) look better larger]

    random ass thing with a buncha scraps of paper i chopped up while i was highh as a kite. :smoking:

    i started jamming beatles and just let my pencil go, and this is what happened. looks more interesting in person.

    lol, little resin ball from cleaning one of my pipes last night. i took a picture and kinda liked it.

    collage i smashed together, there are a series of words on the side i likedd that you can see what they say if you clickyy the pic. also, the background is not actually pink, its more like hunters orange but my phone doesnt like that color. : (

    what the general scene looks like. haha.

    yeah, so this is my first thread thingyy. boring, but hey, im bored. thanks for glancingg and nice to meet you xp :wave:
  2. i like your pencil drawing.

    oh and 808 cheehee!
  3. Top one, I love the textures. Making more of that, whew! I used to make something like that, listening to trance music, remembering childhood feelings, so visceral. Oh so sweet infinite neighborhoods. The drawing you made while listening to the Beatles? Hmm, ever heard of the song, "Flying" from the magical mystery tour album? Check that out. And then, I really like your collage. Good work, A+
  4. thanks : ) at least i got an A+ on theseee. :p
  5. That final paper is going to be a bitch.
  6. yous ordinary work looks very unusual seriously
    but second one impressed me more

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