What I did this Saturday night

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  1. Well, I'm just going to start with this. My friends are E, C, and T. ​

    So, the night begins by T calling me asking if I can get him bud, as usual, I'm the guy who usually always has it or the hook ups. He said he's looking for a 20$ bag, so I say sure, call me when you're at my house
    He arrives at my house, calls me, I tell him to just come in. He comes in my room, I grab it, first the T says, "I left the $20 at my house, my mom was rushing me." He said he promised he would pay me the next time I see him, I.E. school. So I say fine, he's one of my bestfriends so I'm not going to ruin everyones night just because I'm on a t-break.
    We start heading up the street to meet up with E and C at this one staircase up the street from my house, it is sort of our smoking spot. So we get their, T gives me back the bud, I grind it up for them with my grinder, pack the bowl and hand it back to T. They continue to smoke a few more bowls before we head out.
    Maybe 2 hours later, they decide they want to smoke again, we head up to another spot we rarely go to, but we just wanted to go thier because it is closer. When we get thier, spider webs almost everywhere, goofy, but we didn't want to go their so we started heading up to the hospital down the street.
    We are debating on where to smoke, we could easily go in the woods, but I'm a bitch when it comes to getting poison ivy, I get it all the time and it's just not fun. :p We look around and I say, "Why not just go up here?"
    This spot would only be good at nighttime, which it was, it's like inbetween a street, and a section of the parking lot, no one would be able to see us, I mean they could if they were really really looking for us, but it was pretty much black where we were sitting so we were fine.
    E takes out his bong, and where waiting for T to take out his bud. So we're all talking and I say, "T hurry up..." and he goes, "What are you talking about?" So blah we argue about the bud, and he claims he doesn't have it.
    -Of course right?
    So, we talk about and C said he had it last and he left it at the staircase, the first place we smoked. So we walk back up to the house, I let C borrow my bike, and I ride the skateboard, and we go down and get it.
    When we are riding down the steet, I see a big rat. Not even kidding, I haven't smoked so I know I wasn't seeing things. I hope off my skateboard and yell, "Dude, look!" and pointed. C was like "Oh shit!." The tail was maybe a foot long, the body was maybe 2 feet big. It was like a grayish color. The car on the otherside of the street slowed down and looked at it also. It was crazy.
    Continueing, so C runs up the stairs finds it and we go back. None of them want to get back to the hospital, I was kind of bummed because I liked that spot. E didn't want to do it at his house. So we're all bitching on where to go. E says to go up the street, and I had no purpose of wanting to walk up this hill, it's big and just annoying. Lazy..I know.
    So I say just do it on my back porch. So we walk over, they start smoking. They all kept taking to big of hits, and kept coughing, it was bothering me, it was like 12:30AM and my grandfather was sleeping and didn't want to wake him up. I didn't say much just to keep it down, not going to freak out on them.
    When they are done smoking, I say I'll be right back, and ran in to my house to use the bathroom. Of course I hear them yelling and laughing. Go figure right?:p
    But yea, that was my Saturday night, what did you guys do?​

    Wall o' text.
  2. nice, OP. i just hung out and ate steak with family friends. that and i made my lunch for today (meatball subs!)
  3. I love meatball subs :D
  4. don't we all? im about to go eat mine
  5. what happened to you sounded a bit irritating, other than that rat. buuut i went to bed early. the end
  6. saw scott pilgrim vs. the world with 4 of my friends
  7. i had a DAMN GOOD night

    got ripped as all shit with 3 people i work with, and my boss let me go home a hour and a half early :hello:

    then i smoked more weed and banged my wonderful girlfriend :D :D :D

  8. Ohh my brain!! Im by no means a grammer police but their there and they're is almost an OCD of mine... My noggins a rockin..

  9. Careless mistake, my fault :p
  10. Don't center your paragraphs, it makes it annoying to read.

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