What I Believe Matters

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  1. i put a question to someone recently, to see what he might say, and before he even gave me his answer, i received an answer directly:

    Only if you believe there is.

    The question was along the lines of:

    Is there a price to pay for practicing meditation using cannabis, as opposed to following the more traditional self-disciplined route?

    I realised that this answer was not only right, but it could be applied to other things. Because how i choose to see the world makes all the difference to how i experience it.

    Yet, in needing an answer to a question that at the time of asking i didn't have, as a result, i also opened to the possibility of its opposite, because the idea of an opposite exists as it does.

    So if i ask a question. If there's something i don't know and have a need to find out in order to acquire something i believe I don't have, in thinking this way, i have to deal with more than i am actually looking for.

    By believing that without knowing the answer to something I am somehow not complete, that it is missing from my life, and that I don't have all I need already, whatever the answer coming back to me is, it reveals a different state of mind to the one asking the question.

    What i believe really does matter. not just the clearly defined, always in your mind, meet up on a sunday, kind of belief, but everything i believe on whatever level i believe it.

    if i hold anything that i completely accept to be true, then i am either not in a apace where i can properly consider anything else, or, i open myself to have to consider its opposite, thus either reinforcing what i already think I know as a reaction, or forcing me to reject it entirely and replace it with what has pushed it out. If i simply rely on a belief to support me, whatever it is, then i will be faced with a need to replace it at some point, and if i choose to hold onto it and refuse to let it go, i will stop myself from being able to be all there is to be.

    Yet, by replacing one belief with another, and doing it for sometime, there comes a point when there are no more beliefs left to replace it with. That i am either in a space where what i believe now works for me completely, so I can let go of the need to consider or have to open to anything else that may come my way, or i can accept that everything just works as it is, outside what i could believe, and i need no belief to make it do so.

    Does it make the world feel different? Seeing it without a belief?

    Is it more real?

    Does it make the idea of god any more or less real?

    Do i need an idea of god at all other than whatever i feel i might decide to call it were i attempting to define it as such? Defining anything as god only creates its opposite, and that opposite will eventually be the thing that causes me to have to redefine it.

    So for me, as i sit here writing this, knowing that without needing to hold a specific belief about how life works and why, or needing to keep looking for something that is missing, life takes on a different quality, and i am content with where i am inside it.

    If i'm really and truly in the now, in this moment, as it is, then the next moment, whatever that is, merges into a seamless whole of continuous experience in one form or another, without the ego getting in the way to remind me of what i thought i already knew.

    i don't need to convince anyone of this of course, for we are all where we need to be, and only those who can identify with my saying this will understand what it means to realise it. it's not new of course, many know of what i speak. but it has never been experienced quite this clearly by me before, and that is why I share it.
  2. Believing in something is essentially feeding the ego, whoever has the strongest belief in whatever, ends up making it a reality.. As long as there is not an equal or opposite belief as strong as the first.

    Take my dream of the joker, who was my son in the dream, he believed in the destruction of the world, because he thought the world deserved it, and he prevailed and enjoyed it. There was no batman to stop him. No opposite was as strong as him, and no equal willed as much as him.

    But to will nothing, is to will everything. And vice-versa. By shutting down the ego, it becomes open. And by opening it, you shut it down.
  3. Good point.

    The thing about feeding the ego is, doing so makes us believe it exists. And something that exists wants to be fed regularly. So you could say that having any sort of belief encourages the existence of the ego to believe it exists.

    Merely being able to exert the strongest belief is no indication that it is the rightest.

    Loved this line. :)
  4. hey esseff, do yo notice any difference when meditating while smoking?

    one thing i could say is that there seems to be less resistance to the moment and the feeling of energy. but i always find ramifications for it as well. like lethargy. is that perhaps because i also believe that is a consequence to smoking?

    than i started to think maybe the act of taking a deep hit, holding and exhaling brings me into the present and not necessarily the weed.
  5. Cannabis isn't known as a helper plant for nothing. ;)

    I notice a big difference in my ability to sit (or lay) and be there for hours on end, that without it, my body experiences fatigue at just being in one position for such a long time. I don't do yogic postures or anything like that. For me, true presence removes those ideas anyway. So the body thought disappears as I transcend it.

    As the title of the thread suggests, what you believe matters. So if you feel lethargy which you believe is a consequence of smoking, guess what you'll probably continue to feel?

    I almost always feel energised after a good session, especially if it ends in some creative writing which it usually does. It's not that I believe I will feel this way specifically, although because I ritualise the meditation I put myself into the best mind set for that to happen, but I don't allow myself to believe something that won't actually serve me.

    Your meditation has already begun.

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