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  1. This plant is 3 and a half weeks old growing under 400w HPS light. Its only being watered around every 3 days, so I dont think its over water. I am not feeding any nutes and its in organic soil/perlite. The temps stay around 77 and the light is about a foot and a half away from the plant. These plants are curling and browning/yelling on the edges of the new growth??

    I had a very small gnat problem that I fixed today. I only saw 8 or 9 gnats, but I added mosquito dunks today for the larvae. (The plant looks the same for now) Could these gnats be the problem? or is something else going on.

    IMG_7852.JPG IMG_7850.JPG IMG_7854.JPG IMG_7851.JPG IMG_7853.JPG
  2. Could the gnats have been the reason the new growth was yellowing/browning on the edges?
  3. Almost looks like nitrogen toxicity but I know nothing about organic I'm sure someone who's knows will jump in
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  4. That could be it but I dont want to flush because I don't feed or have nutes.
  5. That's why I am stumped I only feed with nutes but looks like she's burning to me
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  6. And the nute burn should have happened weeks ago if it were the soil? It shouldnt just be affecting newer growth.
  7. True I don't know about gnats causing it I have and always have had them
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  8. Could be a ventilation issue, your soil staying moist for to long. Problems like this create issues that look like nute burn. How is the airflow in your grow room?
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  9. I have an 8 inch inline fan for exhaust that pushes 720 cfm in a 4x4x7 tent. So I have plenty of ventilation. So thats new air 6 times per minute.
  10. How long after watering do you notice your pots are mostly dry?
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  11. About 3 days. Occasionally 4
  12. I don't see what the problem could be man, it looks like nitrogen toxicity and or side effects from overwatering but from what you have described it can't be, i hope you figure this out soon and wish you the best of luck my friend :)
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  13. Thank you.
  14. Check your ph of your water. Adjust it accordingly until you get the problem under control. In the mrantime top dress with quality compost, worm poop, kelp, alfalfa and neem meal mixed together, handful or two in each pot.

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  15. I think you're fine and shouldn't worry about it u less it were to get much worse.

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  16. Hey whack, I only grow in soil so maybe I can help. No nutes no chemical burns right? They have a good color but I noticed the leaves trying to taco a little. I would check your ph from the tap then from your drain off water. This will let you know what is going on down to a cellular chemical level and science don't lie. A hundred people that don't grow natural can give you advice till doomsday but even a soil grower can't be as sure as a litmus test. BTW, I would raise the light another 6"-a foot for a little while too as the tender new growth will be affected by too much heat intensity. Hope that helped! Have a groovy weekend!!!!!!

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  17. Hey! Thanks for the response. My tap Ph is around 7.2 and the run off at really acidic at around 5.4. I did a partial flush last night and they are looking loads better today. They are a lot less droopy now but still have a bit of a "claw" so I'm really thinking that this was nitrogen toxicity?
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  18. I watered yesterday, would doing a flush today be unwise to get rid of nitrogen toxicity since I watered recently. I don't want to drown her while I'm trying to unpoison her

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  19. But, my soil has time release nutrients. So its basically impossible to get rid of the extra nitrogen right?
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    It would take a lot of flushing. Keep in mind also that gnats usually mean fungus and fungus creates nute imbalances that present as a myriad of symptoms. If you're treating the gnat problem let it ride a bit.

    Also, maybe I'm wrong on this but a runoff of 5.something seems low to me. Aim for mid sixes and you should see some general improvement.

    P.S. Colour varies by strain, but the dark green of your leaves does tell me your nitrogen may be a bit heavy. And next time use fabric pots.

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