What I am doing wrong?

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  1. Hi all,

    I need some help guys! This is my 2nd indoor grow under lights and my first under LED lights 1x50w dual spec. My plants are approx 3 months old and until a few weeks ago the growth was better than expected. I started to notice bottom leaf death and it spread upwards, the canopy as you can see is healthy (IHO). I water 150-200mls every other day but I there was a break where I left them for a week with out much water. Too much water? Too little water? shit compost? This all started when I changed the from 18hours to 12 to to start flowering. I have grown without fans etc before and no issues. They are not autos but indica short strains. (Delicious Seeds Fruity Chronic Juice) The light has been set at around 10-14 inches.

    The soil is usually always moist to the touch but my girls are dying [​IMG] Also I have clipped the dead and sick leaf off and the surviving leaf looks stunted and small.

    the first photo is before the necro leaf.


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    Is there soil in that pot. Prolly needed a transplant and full pot.
  3. These plants absolutely HATE to have their roots sitting in moisture constantly. You have to have defined wet/dry cycles or they'll start revolting on you. You only water when the pot gets DRY....like it felt when you potted the plant into with dry soil. If you're watering before then...which you are....you're killing your plant slowly. Do you measure/adjust the pH of the water you use? If not, you've got roots that are locked up and the plant can't take in nutrition. Sounds like you need to do some re-educating right quick or some educating. It's really better to figure all this out before you start to grow. Makes it a much easier run. However, most don't bother to try and figure out how to do it the right way before they start. After all, it's just a seed that you plant in dirt, right? NOPE!! There is a right way to do this. You can figure it out by the seat of your pants as you struggle along, or you can take the time to learn what you're doing so you don't screw it up all the way through. You need to manage the pH of the water/feeds, need good quality soil, and understand how to water properly. The new grower threads here have many posts just for new inexperienced growers. They contain just about all the basic information you need to know to keep one alive. Go read! TWW
  4. The plants don't hate having roots in moisture. For 1 there's hydro where roots are always in water but receive enough aeriation. There's also sip systems keep the soil constantly moist and i love sips. Sips work with organic or non organic grows. Also organic soils need to stay moist as not to damage the micro organisms. Dry soil kills the micro herd. They just can't be sitting in soil that's constantly water logged. Water logged soil strangles the plant by not allowing oxygen to reach the roots. Over watering comes from growers that constantly keep the soil mucky. Keeping the soil constantly moist is fine

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    I should say lightly moist. Defined wet dry periods are unnecessary once you get the hang of it. Its the growers causing problems not the plants need of dry periods because they don't.
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    Cheers for the quick replies guys. All my grows have been outdoors in a warmer climate and never had to worry. My last indoor grow went well but she was an auto in a big pot. Yeah well sometimes ya make mistakes but sometimes the best way to learn IMHO. i think i can save the ladies and going out tommorrow to get bigger pots, some perlite and some clay balls. I am pretty sure I am gonna see some nasty soggy roots when I repot tomorrow.

  7. This might be obvious but I don't know all about your grow knowledge.
    I just had to ask that you changed cycles so did you change nutrients as well? The nutrients that you give your plants on an 18-6 cycle contain lots of nitrogen (basically) and now that your on a 12-12 cycle you needs lots of Phosphorous and Potassium. The lower leaves turning brown are probably the lack of Nitrogen since that is a mobile element which effects the lower first and works its way up the plant. If brown leaves start on top it would be an immobile element like Iron. Sometimes its not only what the leaves look like but the location as well. This would even be more likely if you gave your plants a good flushing since that would remove what Nitrogen your soil already has stored.
    Just something to check out. Take care and have a good one.
  8. I'm thinking transplant also
  9. This is the obvious answer...nothing more to see here

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  10. cheers for this, something to bare in mind, but as everyone has pointed out its poor management (on my account). And as suspected they indeed needed repottiing.


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  11. That doesn't look that bad i've had much worse.
  12. Yeah that root system looks fine like the dude above me said he has had much worse and so have I this is another issue.......

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  13. Maybe it's the lighting but it looks like there's a few shades of brown on those roots. Probably from the lack of drainage that has already been pointed out, hydro roots get the same thing when there's not enough oxygen in the solution. I'd give it a compost tea after transplant and make sure there's about 35-40% perlite in your soil mix.

    I agree with killset, that information is important for the health of your plants. I've always felt that the term "overwatering" is very misleading. Giving it less water, or watering less frequently is just a band-aid for noobs with fucked up soil (no offense), adding more drainage amendment (perlite, rice hulls) to your soil before planting is the long-term solution.
  14. You think the wattage of his LED is enough I know it's one plant but one 50 doesn't seem enough..

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    No I meant the lighting in the picture he took of his roots.

    Edit: but yea, I didn't even notice that. It's definitely outgrown that light.
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    Thanks everyone for your help. [​IMG]

    Well I have now doubled the lighting (100 watts) and repotted with a heavy Perlite mix and improved drainage and added clay balls to each pot. Its been about a week and I have notice an improvement with new tips/growth most noticably on the top of the plant and at the base of the plants and there doesnt appear to be any new death visable. This is an extreme stealth grow so environment is not ideal, just have to make do with what's available. I've returned to 18/6 to give them a chance to get their strength back since they never showed any signs of wanting to flower on12/12.

    Compost tea is damn expensive but looks good, going to look into this and the possible lack of nitrogen.


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  17. Hey man here's my 2 cents.

    Get a bigger pot. 5-7 gallons. Fill THE whole pot with soil.

    I bet when you take that plant out of that pot it will be a chunk of roots holding that dirt in extremely securely and as far as I know marijuana roots do not like to be cooked up like they probably are in that container.

    A plant in flowering can grow up to 2x it's size. And if u used that pot all of veg and switched over it is probably just entangled with roots.

    Get a bigger pot and fill it with dirt, then gently run your fingers under the dirt / root mess at the bottom of your plant ( there is probably what looks like a plate of roots) on the bottom of the dirt. Rub your fingers and free those roots up and make them loose. Not too hard that you break them!

    Then carefully do the same to the sides but not too much, if.you go gently you may feel roots untangling.

    Then finally give them a bigger home!

    Also I don't know much about growing with LED but 50 watts does not seem like a lot.

    Anyway hope I could help

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  18. Thanks man [​IMG]
  19. Also do not keep switching them between 12 12 and 18/6. Of they are natural plants they will flower at 12 12. If they q re autos they will flower om whatever. Just leave them on one so you don't shock them

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  20. I'm going to the very first post. " I water my girls every other day " and the "soil is moist to the touch" Man I was you, been you and surely am better for it now being confident I will never kill my plants in soil containers..by under-watering them unless I try to. You'll get the feel when you can drench em by handling the pot every time you visit. Some days..sometimes 3-4 it's like hummm still ?? Then things can go to every day or two. Don't get caught half stepping lol I still do but hey do as I say not as I do. Soil is about driving a barge..the turns take a week vs a day like deep water culture or coco. Not watering for a week will have that plant begging you please water me and she'll respond like a sexy beast. Then you'll grow that organic bud porn that gets thumbs ups and "are you shitting me..really, you grew these freaking snicker bars lol. Wish you well man

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