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What household paper should i roll a fatty with

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thejolta, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. I have a bunch of blunt weed and no blunts what do you usually roll with?

    Im thinking bible or phonebook paper but i dont have a bible around the house :D
  2. can't smoke that shit. It has ink on it and its not paper meant for you to inhale. You need real papers.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't smoke through any sort of paper except rolling papers. Some household things (Even paper) have some mad amount of chemicals in them so I wouldn't recommend it.

  4. In the event that i'm in the anarctica and can't find real papers what's the safest and most effective shit to use.
  5. and i've already used a bible before so i know some paper isn't gonna be too harsh
  6. Dude, just in an attempt to be helpful, I'd think that unbleached (brown) paper would be the healthiest thing to smoke from. If you don't have that, then probably standard white printer paper.

    But I say you should make a gravity bong and hit it 10 times.
  7. So like a grocery bag? I dunno if i have time for a gravity bong haha
  8. Anyone know if wax paper works?
  9. #9 sfpunk, Jul 23, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 25, 2009
    To all that are encouraging the original poster to smoke anything other than actual papers: you're all stupid.. This is one of the many reasons why weed is illegal because people like you do stupid things and appear like junkies. "oh i don't have rolling papers, I'll smoke something bad for me because I need my fix". If you don't have rolling papers then wait. Don't smoke shit that you know you shouldn't because you can't wait. Have some self control and don't make the rest of us pot smokers look bad.

    Your wording could have been different brother, please work on that for the next time. Blades don't take too kindly to blanket statements, ya dig? ~AK~
  10. fuck off i rolled it with a french version of voltaire i'm not getting my fix im being resourceful

  11. So your saying anyone who doesn't roll a j to blaze is a junkie? I believe your making us pot smokers look bad.
  12. listen, im sorry jolta. but rolling papers are one of the easiest things to find. dont go smokin the chemical filled paper. rolling paper burns slower than other paper, if u try to use other stuff, its just not as enjoyable and nothin messes up a high like burning your throat with printer paper or sumthin.

    or just make a tinfoil bowl. takes about 60 seconds
  13. i agree with him. gravity bongs are what got me most high. and u dont even need to make one good. get a tinfoil bowl to fit the top of a plastic bottle. cut off the bottom, and just dunk it in a bucket of water. you dont need it to look nice, just needa get high
  14. If you have to roll something with non-rolling papers, your best bet is probably the thin (BLANK!) paper out of the back of a bible/encyclopedia/any other big book with thin pages.
  15. Don't be a dick.

    He's just tell you what the deal is. If you want to do something stupid, go ahead. You can't expect everyone to encourage you to jump off the bridge. Welcome to a FORUM.

    Also, I agree with him in that I'd never be so desperate to smoke my shit that I'd resort to printing paper.

    Then again I have a collection of glass and I'm old enough to buy papers. I could see how that would be difficult for someone who isn't 18.
  16. Thank you.
  17. I think he means more along the lines of someone who cannot wait to smoke and will instead do anything in their power except wait to smoke comes off looking like a junky. Which in turn makes the smoking population look bad by comparison by giving these ignorant associations and what not a reason to bash marijuana.

  18. True enough, I had gotten my first glass piece a year ago at 17, there is a benefit to being younger then one of your friends.

    Edit: Sorry for the triple post but I don't know how to put other quotes within one post.
  19. dude save your shit till you can make it to 711 for a white owl/pack of dutches or exxon for a pack of EZ widers
  20. just get a blunt or make a piece your self.
    the only thing i've ever used that wasnt a blunt or pipe was the thin paper in a gum rapper. just scrape off auluminam...

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