What hit that "spot" last? (Drug Combos)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SKuM, May 31, 2009.

  1. Another version of PhillyG's muchie thread, where I modified it to fit Pandora's Box standards. What combination of drugs hit that "spot" last, where your worries fly away and everything feels FUCKING AMAZING. :p

    For me, it was 35mg of orally consumed Hydrocodone (Seven 5/500 Vicodens) and four bowls of God's Gift, which is a combination between Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush (which happened to be the dankest herb I'd ever had the fortune to smoke.). Sent me to the clouds and back.
  2. For me it would be 270mg of codiene and countless bong hits, fuck i was floating on a cloud.
  3. hashish and mushrooms
  4. well i had some weed and yay today but the last drug combo that had me going was the real nice beans i had last night
  5. Last nite graduation.

    rolls,ketamine,nitrous,tussionex. I was in outerspace. awasome time.

    and tonite 45mg hydrocodone,100mg tramadol,2mg xanax.
  6. Oh great. The adolescents are starting to "party" with drugs again. No, these are not "mixed drinks." You don't mix drugs like you're making a margarita. I'm not directing this towards anyone in particular, since you'll learn your lesson soon anyhow.
  7. felt like it was directed towards me.

    I know that its not like mixing drinks. I know damn well the dangers im facing. I know that I could die. Ive had some pretty scary experiences but I also know when ive hit my limit. Not trying to say I think im not gonna get hurt from these drugs. Just letting you know in not as niave as you might think.
  8. rolls and brownie last night:D:D:D:D

  9. yea ill keep it plain and simple. a few bowls of high grade dank herb and 100mgs of DMT :hello:.

    so why is my post in your sig so epic anyway>?
  10. 4 hits of white on white and saw eoto, then for the comedown i ate 20mg oc, i have no opiate tolerance, straight nodding and trippin and spacin, raw as hell

  11. good choice sir. im pretty sure i blaze everytime i trip balls on anything tho
  12. I really like bud and beer, but I haven't tried mixing drugs very much.
  13. Some sugar cubes and mango haze did it for me today
  14. smoking dank weed and opium go really well together IMO

    straight up floatin
  15. like 200mg OC 10 mg hydro 15 mg of percs, and 40 mg of methadone, and like an eiffer of dank nuggetzz
  16. 10 hits of acid did it for me..

  17. yes you do.

    Just because your close minded doesnt mean you have to push your belifes on other people.
  18. weed+alcohol+carne asada fries from 24 hour mexican food place :D

    edit: and cigarette

  19. mixing drugs expecially alcohol with opiates is pretty much proven dangerious as fuck. people in this forum die way too often and we just never hear about it. if we were informed every time a blade died from drugs you guys would think so differently. i made a thread about dead blades but no one was sure because they just stop posting, no notice from the family. nothing.

    its your choice to do what you want, but its not just a "belief" that mixing drugs is more dangerious than taking them separate times

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