What high adventures have you been on?

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  1. Im talking like totally blasted off your ass, dont know where the fuck you are but still going kind of highs. The only thing i have is when me and my friend were super blasted we rode our bikes 2 miles off course to get to a gas station less then half a mile from my house at 3 am, video taped it, and put it on youtube.

    Whats yours?:D
  2. i got baked 1 night with my gf and one of my other friends and we decided we were thirsty so we walked 3 miles up a mountain to get some soda at my house when they had drinks at there house:D
  3. me and a friend were pretty baked in the woods and decided why not make a bench? So I made a sitting square for all persons to use....
  4. My friends an I got super baked and took something else one night. We went to Ihop, Duncan Donuts, and Mcdonalds all in one night and explored the neighborhood across the street from 4am-8am. We smoked a J at every secluded spot we could find, best part about all of this is I don't remember any of it:)
  5. me and a friend would skip the class after lunch in 10th grade and explored the woods behind our school. We made a temple to a troll doll back there also.(inspired by age of mythology)
  6. One time I got super high and watched TV while eating nachos. It's been quite an adventure.
  7. Me and my friends just walked off into the woods one day and found a rock by a lake we deemed ganja rock and smoked there, this was three years ago and we still return there regularly.
  8. Smoking in the backcountry in Colorado is pretty crazy.
  9. When i was visiting friends in Holland we bought a quad for what equivalent to 45 bucks and a gram of hash for 5 7 bucks:smoke: We were in the north of holland in a city called groningen. We had our sesh along a cannal and gave a hobo half a joint and come chocolate :D We got some beers and my friend took a piss in a flower pot. The owner came out n shouted in dutch, "HEY THATS NOT A PISS POT" soo funny cuz he said "pot":laughing: Wandered around the city for a bit n then hopped on a train that took me back to where i was staying. Crazy adventure:hello:
  10. I been lost in random towns
    ..random woods.
    random hoods..
    random houses

    ahh good times
  11. I got lost trying to find a movie theatre in an area I drive around ALL the time.
  12. My friends and I tried to drive from upstate NY back to Brooklyn at like 1 am to buy slurpees. We were halfway there when we realized we have no money, no ID, and only enough gas to either turn around or get to Brooklyn. It would've been a way cooler story if we tried to drive there but we turned around.
  13. so this one time i was with my buddy kumar and i was supposed to stay in and do like work for my job you know, but he persuaded me to go to the closest hamburger place for a quick bite to eat. we get there and the place is closed down and so we decide to go to the next one about an hour away cause we were really high. what happened in the next couple of hours ill never forget, almost havin a 3some with freakshow, getting chased by wild animals and busting my buddy out of jail for j walking.. not to mention some other crazy antics. all in all when we finally got there i saw some doucebags i knew and gave them my peice of mind for once in my god dam life. then me and kumar ate like 20 burgers no joke. god do i love white castle.
  14. LOL you do know there are 7-11s in NY north of Brooklyn right?

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