what herbal pills?

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  1. hey guys im going to a ball organised by the school and i think being blazed will eb to obvious with the eyes so i am wondering what are the best legal highs (giggle happy caps ect) that i can get in the uk to take ?
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    Flying angel funk pills are pretty good, also i'd reccomend Purple Ohms from the Head Fuel range, mix them together and it's gets wierd, but fun. But seriously, legal pills suck balls. I tried them a few times and it's pretty appauling compared to some nice E or somthing in terms of enjoyment not potentcy. Those legals can still be pretty strong.
  3. Look into legal benzo's or other legal chemcials with similar structure to those illegal ones you may already love. RC's can be fun and legal too.

    From the situation and tone however, it appears that noticability trumps legality.

    Be safe, have fun.

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