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What have you tried?

Discussion in 'General' started by retarded, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. I've been smoking doep since I was 16 but have never been particulalry interesting in experimenting with anything else....

    I've been told by alot of people that cocaine and ecstasy are worth trying but I'm looking for more opinions please...

    Is there anything worth try or should I be sticking to my weed?

    Cheers GC

  2. stick to weed is right,that other stuff stays stuck for a long time...Man the money i spent,fuck
  3. stick with the weed...
  4. I think i'm beginning to sense a theme here....

    I've been thinking about what else could be as good as weed while i've been at work today and other than sex I dont think there is anything....

    I'll be sticking to my BUD!!! lol

  5. hmm, im sorry, but that statment seemed pretty ignorant to me.

    Many of the 'experienced folk' will tell you that other drugs can be fun also, although, probably used less often then weed, and much more carefuly.

    As for me, I've tried many other drugs, and most of them are deff. worth doing at least once. Just don't get sucked into addiction
  6. Stick to weed.......All this other shit is just plain out fucking stupid to ruin your life with unless you can actually control it....Shrooms is the farest I will ever go sorry......This wasnt ment to offend anyone.

  7. Told, Can I just ask why you say that? I'd like to know peoples reasons for suggesting / rejecting things to try / not try.
  8. ecstacy is very bad for your brain and can get you killed too, because it makes you so thirsty you'll drink until you drown on the inside. cocaine can addict you. id say for those reasons, both of those drugs should be avoided completely.
  9. as of said above...


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