What have i turned into >.>

Discussion in 'General' started by ieatbabies, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. So I sit here reading these forums and looking at bud flowering pics and it's about 11:43 PM where i'm at and my older sister comes busting though the door. I immediately freaked out and tried to hide all the tabs i have been looking at and stood up really quickly... I swear, this site is like my porn -__-
  2. Lol...
  3. Lol random.. i'm sitting in a hotel on a work trip with my father baked chilling!
  4. i'm pretty baked off two banana breads from my local med shop. maybe that explains my post -__-
  5. OP, the way you described how you were startled and tried to hide the tabs and all, it was so vivid... :smoke:
  6. So.. you were jerking it looking at nugs?

  7. hehe i'll take that as a compliment xD
  8. If you're on Windows 7 there's totally a hide the porn button. Lower right hand corner. That little vertical rectangle to the right of the time and date.
  9. Clearly the OP wasn't jerking.

    The OP was fingering.

  10. my hand wasn't in my pants, no...
  11. duuuuude you're gross
  12. Op you're a blade
  13. It was a compliment.

    I could see you spring up from the chair like a jack in the box.

    And totally appropriate use of '-__-'

  14. my hands where not in my pants -__-

  15. Point being??
  16. I don't care what other people say.

    To me, the OP is a sweet looking chick and I am determined to get under her pants.

  17. You're one of us part of this huge family of stoners that love and care for eachother

  18. oh, i thought you meant it in a negative way... haha

  19. i'm not down....
  20. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just nature taking its course.

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