what have i DONE?!

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 11, 2004.

  1. I've gone and took the camping interior out of my camper, so i can get it welded up inside and put my new bed in and build the new interior in around it.

    so, ive got an empty bus. and ALOT of work to do.

    why did i take this on?!

    i also found out, my camper was a delux interior micro bus. untill somebody cut a hole in the roof put a pop-top on it and built a camping interior.

    I'm hoping to get it finished to show it off (and use) at the british volkswagen festival.

    Fingers crossed, i'll have a bed, fridge, grill & hobs, heater and cupboards, all matching, and in by then.

    Its gonna be sweet when its done ;) but a bugger to do.
    And its driving me nuts lol

    But its the ultimate stoner mobile, everything you need!
  2. Dude, you are my new hero. :)

    Once that bad boy is up and ready, get us some pics!:D
  3. i will.

    would you like to see some pics of a rusty camper shell? lol
  4. pick me up while your at it. and post up some pics!
  5. lol. amphi-bus.

    But i am hoping to get it shipped over the pond one day, and meet it at the other end and take a cruise round over there with my mates.

    so hey you never know! lol

  6. Way to keep the Dub Love going Krapp. :)

    And if it is truly the ultimate stoner mobile, you should incorporate some sort of hookah into the van, where the base and everything is hidden, but the bowl and the tubes are exposed. That's my definition of ultimate stoner mobile.

    Oh, and maybe build a little grow box in it. Nothing extravagent, maybe a scrog grow, give you plenty of space. :D
  7. lol. doubt it.

    its still fullof wires and the heater and speakers, after there out, ill get some pics of the half rusy haf not floor(whitch has clips for a middle row of seats, not in every camper but not uncommon) so i could put nine seats in instead lol
  8. what have i done? this:

    its worse that it looks, i really needs both arches replacing. and a few bits round the front arches. then the od hole
  9. When judging the quality of a vehicle I always try to decide if I would want to sleep in it if I was a caveman on a cold night. I'd probably sleep in that.

  10. LOL yeah.

    Ummm just wondering...are you a midget? or are you just going to curl up in a little itty bitty ball and go to sleep on a cot in there or something. A bit small for having a fridge, bed, cuppords, apolstery....well maybe if you take out the front seats.....?

    LOL, j/k
  11. SMALL?! itsno t small, you can get all that and a double bed! the bed folds out from the back seat. its huge in there, that foto dont show it lol.
  12. Krapps right, when it had the old interior in we could easily fit me him and stash_up in there. lol i remember rippin the old interior out :hello: that was fun... mmmmm... claw hammer. :smoke:

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