What have i done wrong now ?

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  1. Hi guys can you tell me whats wrong here ? My temp is 77 , humi 60 ,ph five.7 .Useing cana A&B at full strengh and they in coco.They are in week 1 of flower.I've done a ph run off too five.7

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  2. You've got great nutes in the canna brand. They have a wealth of knowledge on their site.

    You got your new watering times? ic help any?

    If you have corrected ph(youhave) and have all else rhight w/ladies?

    Now wait. Give it a few days to take. Thanks for update.

  3. They seem to be getting worse , i've lost 1 already.i unpotted the 1 that all leafs droped off(died) and looked at roots ,all seemed fine .But the coco from half way down was very wet .I could sqeeze the coco and water came out of it.(i been over watering ?)

    Can i put them back on veg ? (i 1 week into flowering).

    Its like the plants are eating up their leafs 1 at a time then falling off.Dont want them to die half way thru flowering.
  4. Did you transplant them?

    pix are burn. keep your ph right and stop nutes until plant needs.

    YES. You can put it back on veg and that might be best for now. did you go to the co-co forum on ic? they are activly growing in co-co. They could help more. I no longer use. I'm all soil now, but I've tried many ways.

  5. i've been getting water on leafs when watering too and wipeing off with hand/fingers. Yeah i been on that forum . How much light should i give to get back on to veg and how long ?Should i take all brown leafs off ?How will i know the plant needs nutes ?

    ps thx for fast reply
  6. slow down don we'll get it.

    back to 18 on 6 off veg cycle.

    leave damaged growth for now unless it looks like mold or fungus. If their burnt w/green they can still contribute. co-co is a fast medium, so good growth should start after a few ph good waterings. what watering times did you decide on?

    alex bbl
  7. was thinking once a day
  8. You not started yet?

    co-co is a fast and almost immposible to overwater(good drainage a Must) HYDRO medium.

    Unforgiving medium if All is not right.

    gl alex

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