what hasnt been invented yet?

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  1. what would make your life easier? if you could have anything created for you what would it be and why?

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    flux capacitor, for obvious reasons
  3. a matter replicator
  4. A machine that can do anything I want.
  5. marijuana that doesn't show up in a urine test
  6. A teleportation machine to bring me from one place to the next instantaneously. No longer will planes, trains, cars, any of that crap will be necessary. Because of this, roads will be dismantled, nature will have more room to grow, and pollution will hopefully decrease significantly.
    Just a nice thought I had thinking about the OP's question.
  7. Best answer imo haha. I've often thought about this concept.
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    I doubt that it would ever be possible because the human body cant just be broken into atoms and then teleported and reassembled. You'd die, I mean isnt it obvious?
    What would be interesting is finding out how neutrinos travel slightly faster than the speed of light.
  9. just had to ruin the fun :p
    haha no I just know we have teleported lasers, but the human body isnt a simple beam of light. If you disassemble us at the atomic level then you cant really expect a reassembly to bring someone back to life, you would basically have to get the heart going again and there would be downtime so the body can restart. It wouldnt be more practical than high speed transportation.
  11. Hey, anything is possible.  :bongin:
    Whether it's possible in our lifetime is highly debatable though.
    But that's only because technology hasn't been able to do that yet. You never know what things science and technology will allow us to do in the future! It's not possible right now just because we don't know how...
    well maybe they will find a way to transfer your conscious to another version of yourself in a similar parallel timeline :p
  14. What if you could teleport, but every time you did it, a copy of your body was made instead of your original one, and like your thoughts and consciousness is just uploaded into a file and downloaded into your next body upon revival??
  15. WHOA!
  16. These thoughts are too intense for me right now.
    I need to pull a grav, then think more about new inventions.
  17. Yall are talking about the future and all the shit were gonna be able to do, dude im still waiting for hover cars! And robots who do everything for you like a slave. Thats the future we pictured when i was a kid and ill be damned if i dont get my robot slave and hover car!
  18. They've already made hover cars! Just not for the masses lolol sucks to be us!
    Robots are becoming more common, but I'd give it another fifty-hundred years before we start seeing regular folks like us with robot slaves.
  19. Yeah they already have robots and hoover cars, they are just really expensive and so most never make it past a testing lab or science expo. That tech is already here though! Has been for a while actually.

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