What has your parents relationship taught you?

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  1. Sometimes people just cant be fixed and divorce is the answer, because staying and having your kids in a toxic situation is going to mess them up.
    what about y'all?

  2. That after 14 years of being together and 5 kids their love for each other faded. I guess it was a lack of communication that was the downfall.
    We grew up kinda poor compared to most people in our area but I know people are worse off. Regardless they did everything they could to support us and I respect them fully for thaf.

    I wonder if seeing their relationship crumble has made me cautious with women because I can't trust them and I'm a 21 year old virgin starting today lol.
  3. that women are like rugs they get took out back put over the line and beat with a stick every couple of weeks

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  4. yea, sometimes its just better to leave eachother after bonds are broken, and women are awesome we all want love dont give up.
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    Don't marry someone 16 years younger/older than you.
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    Nothing lasts forever...
  7. Men are liars and cheaters.
    It doesn't matter how good of a person you are, or how loyal you are, you will still get fucked over.
    Men are selfish.
    Don't be a doormat.
    Don't stay together "for the kids." It never ends well. It's always worse than it could have been.
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    My parents broke up when i was 9
    Despite the breakup, i did grew up quite okay..... but i seem to gotten a lot more shyer....
    Now im 20..... and im a bit lost in life, when its come to girls..... i did have a few chances to get a girlfriend, including this one time, i was at a concert (when i was 17) and i danced with this nice girl, she was fairly pretty (around 14-15 age gap). But however i seemed to fuck up there when one of her friends insulted me and then i gotten pretty angry...... and now im kicking myself for getting angry..... but most of the time i tend to fuck up
    Now i don't really go clubbing anymore..... donno what the future is held in store for me when its come to relationships with girls....
    Also my life has gotten pretty shitty..... i had soo many chances as a teenager..... and now im in my 20's.... just gets harder
    I wonder if my parents didn't break up.... would my chances been a bit better??
  9. Drink some brews, and find a girl with at least average cooking skill. Grilled cheese better come out lookin' prime
  10. listen goddamnit, listen! ugh, facepalm, LISTEN!
  11. I have never seen two people more in love than my parents.  In all the time they were married they never spent time apart.  Even when she was in the hospital he took a cot and slept next to her.  He was holding her hand when she took her last breath.  He used to serenade her after we went to bed.  (I've talked about his before)  He would pull out his guitar and sing to her.  He has a beautiful baritone voice and a very accomplished guitar player.  She would lie on the couch and he would sit on the floor with the guitar in his lap.  
    We would sneak out of bed and crack open the bedroom door to listen.  He is extremely shy and won't sing in front of anyone.  Except for my mom.  Not once in his married life did he ever raise his voice to my mother nor a hand to us in anger.   He hated physical punishment.  He thought it was cruel and demeaning.  His disappointment was devastating enough.  I love that old fart.  :p
  12. Dont get married lol

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  14. My parents havent been together my whole life and they act really weird around eachother. I could count on one hand how many times I've seen them around each other. So I havent learned anything good from them.
  15. You have plenty of time, your young dont think about it too much you gotta love yourself before you can love someone better.
  16. Thats some real inspiring love right there! When my mom was sick my dad thought a pill overdose was the answer, and it wasnt lol
  17. My parents have been married 40+ years.

    They still leave each other love notes and whatnot.
  18. That Asian women are bat shit crazy.
  19. That you should never jump into a relationship not knowing exactly what you want. Also......don't be jealous 24/7

    peace love and bud
  20. Humility. Passion. Kindness. The true meaning of love.
    My parents have been together over 30 years, through crises like many family deaths and substance abuse issues. But they always make it through anything, and "til death do us part" certainly applies to them. They are in love and it's so obvious, and it makes me want a love like that.

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