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what has marijuanna done for your life?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jstone23, May 12, 2010.

  1. made me lose some friends but make better ones
    helped me on my path of self realization
    helped me meditate on some of my personal problems
    kept me relaxed when i thought my depression was going too far
    in some ways i can say it saved my life

    what has it done for you blades?
  2. gives me something to look forward to after a days work when it would be too late to go out or do much, gives me a different sense of spirituality, made me some new friends, helps me have better times, helps me forget things that i obsess over.

    only downside is the slight stresses of getting caught. pros definitely outweigh the cons for me.
  3. yea i deff agree on the spirituality part
  4. helped me relax
  5. Given me so many good memories with friends and myself.

    Helped me get a more positive look on the world

    helps me relax at the end of a long day

    makes absolutely everything bettor ( except working out... i fucking hate working out when high...)

    introduced me to almost 60% of my friends

    the list goes on and on and on :smoking:
  6. Made me realize just how horribel things can be, and how the most simple things in life are the best.
  7. Basically cured the minor OCD I had, and also made me relax a lot more. Though I would say DXM did more in the way of self-realization, but it also sucks sometimes while weed is almost always good.
  8. mhmm i couldnt agree more

  9. You lost some friends and made better ones.
    You helped yourself to self realization
    You meditated on personal problems
    You kept relaxed during depression
    You saved your life

    The plant doesn't do anything for you. You do things for yourself. It has many beneficial medical properties but crediting it with things you did from within yourself or through your choices/actions is misguided.
  10. It helps me have fun.
  11. Herb just adds to the fun I'm already having.

    I've met a sh!t ton more people
    Lots of awesome memories, laughing and such
    I find myself more focused the day after a session (usually burn at night)
    The list goes on...

    I dunno, its all good for me. As long as it doesn't interfere with my life negatively, theres no serious health issues with it, and its used responsibly and isn't put in front of my career/family...then whats the problem with it? absolutely nothing! sayitonemoretime! (Song was just on the radio :p)
  12. ^^^ This.

    I have Cerebral Palsy and while I'm not in a wheelchair, I struggle with it and marijuana numbs the pain effectively and always puts a smile on my face when I get down :smoking::)
  13. marijunana has showed me that i dont need alcohol to have a good time :smoking:
  14. marijuana has open the doors for harder drugs :)
  15. Marijuana is just a plant that has an effect on your mind. It hasn't done anything for me except cause me to waste money and time.
  16. #16 derkaderka, May 12, 2010
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    Through marijuana my father and I bonded significantly before his unexpected death last year. Some of the last memories I have of my dad are me and him just standing outside, toking on a few bowls and talking for hours at a time.

    If this is all it does for you then don't fucking smoke jackass. I smoke because I enjoy it and I don't see any time or money that I spend on weed a waste.

  17. why are you here then?
  18. couldnt of said it better it makes me an all around more happy person:smoking:

  19. ^^ this and also keeps me off harder drugs when I should be.
    Also herb helps me with my anger issues and depression etc...
  20. After years of struggling with PTSD and reactions to medications I've found that Cannabis has really improved my life. I can sleep through the night. I don't have the anxiety attacks like I did before trying Cannabis. I'm more relaxed and calm. It stimulates my appetite. I could go for days without eating during one my anxiety phases before my Cannabis treatments. Now, I don't think I've missed a meal :p

    it has given me a cause to fight for (legalization) and a reason to keep on living. Pharmaceuticals made my life a zombie hell when I wasn't dealing with side effects and reactions to medication. Cannabis has pretty much made me free.

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