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What has marijuana done for you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RQskater6, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Personally I'm more chilled back and relax, and i also lost alot of my shyness, what about you guys?
  2. It has given me a lot of good times, maybe a little opening up mentally or spiritually at times.
  3. More then anything it has introduced me to all the people I hang out with today.
  4. got me arrested....

    but more good times than bad! haha
  5. Definately more open to people.
    More relaxed.

    However, I have had my fair share of close call heart attacks (when you think you might get caught, or almost did, then you have to smoke just to calm yourself down)
  6. after i started smoking, ive become more open minded, more relaxed, and just an overall better person. my grades also have been higher (no pun intended).
  7. marijuana has gotten me stoned about 3000 times. thanks for the good time mj.
  8. i've become a lot more relaxed, and certainly more open minded. i just understand life at a much deeper, more fundamental level.
  9. introduced me to all my friends. my tempers not so bad cause i'm usually at least buzzing and i can ride it. i actually show up for classes now. doin great in school. didn't do so well before. got me a job at the local pizza whore house.

    luckily those were all side effects of me just wanting to get high. Thank You Marijuana.
  10. Pot has been a force in my life. It has cost me alotta cash and got me in a little trouble. But damn the good times were worth it. I have made some kickass friends and I have some awesome memories from it. When it loses its fun I will stop but until then I will continue to smoke.
  11. It cured my bronchitis...I made a vaporizer last night and I'm all better now. :D

  12. whatya use?? I got this nasty cough/cold...
  13. Its made me a lot more open minded and its made me appreciate nature a lot more than I used to. And it has made for some very fun times.

  14. I made one out of a lightbulb and some's easy to do. I searched for "lightbulb vaporizer" here and found how to do it.
  15. opened my eyes to a new industry too build a future out of..

    aint no business like the drug business
  16. it got me high :)
  17. It's made me more confident socially, opened me up spiritally, expanded my mind and made me much happier in general. I feel very laid back these days.

    I can't imagine myself as the person I was a few years ago, I don't like that guy very much. He was so damn uptight and worried!

    Oh yeah, I've got some great memories of great times thanks to our good friend too!
  18. help me for get about a lot of things i dont want remember so often.........latezzz..
  19. more than anything it helps me go to sleep even when i don't want to
  20. Well I hate to ruin the string of posts about good things Marijuana has done, but for me, I believe it has left me depressed, (because it is a downer). Does anyone else feel like this? I mean I still love getting high and everything, don't you think it's only a matter of time before everyone else feels the same?

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