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what has been your worse betrayal

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by steadythought, May 14, 2010.

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    I'm not sure about everyone else but I've been hit quite hard a couple times by what I will call 'the truth of regular indecency,' for the sole fact that as of now I know no other way to refer to it. This phrase is what I will for the time being use to express my emotions for when I talk about what it is like for someone that you think is your friend stab you in the back or, if you would, pretend as if he didn't even know you, for either a short or indefinite period of time. I'll start it off with 3 stories, and the order will go: from least betrayed to most betrayed... and I will write more when I have time.

    Aright so the first one is nothing big, I'll say rather small, and I'm sure I might even get some responses as to why I hold on to this one, but it was all about the matter of time that I knew this dude. (6 years) Ok so I am home on leave from my time in the Marines after roughly 3 years of time and I am just kicking it with my boys that I knew beforehand, about 4-5 days before I have to report to a specific location in California. My older cousin, who is in the Army, has managed to get the weekend off for Thanksgiving and whatnot, and he is meeting me down at my boy's house in the better off parts of Houston. Yet, before that, we hit up a liquor store and get 2 mini-kegs of Heineken and some soda and other miscellaneous alcoholic beverages and what not... Short story is I footed the bill, which ran +100. Anyways, after my older cousin gets in town, we decide we are going to go hit up a couple strip clubs, so I tell my boy's to try not to drink it all, and we will be back in a couple hours. Anyways, we make a failed attempt to hit up some clubs... I did not know at the time that you needed to wear a collared shirt and closed towed shoes in Houston to enter the strip club....... failed attempt... anyways we come back after attempting to hit up a couple clubs (and failing) and I all of the sudden I see a little party at my boy's house... I'm thinking cool, I might have some fun tonight after all, only to go in, see 7 females, 6 guys, 2 empty mini-kegs of heineken... which by the way.... that's my beer. I mean, that's my beer! Like my choice beer, one bottle of some craft beer that I dont remember, and a very tiny bit of Jager left... regardless, I go find my boy, Nathaniel, and I say what the fuck, man I can't even get you guys to leave me some heineken, at all?! He says chill out dude, we can just go and get more... So I say alright, cool, lets get a beer fund going... Turns out he has less than 3 dollars and the beer fund all together was less than 12... anyways you get the just of this story, I did not talk to him again for a long time, but eventually I forgave him... after all, it is only beer.

    The next one was when I was a lil youngin, around 17 if I was to make a good guess... I'll keep this one short because there are too many side details to name that, while they relate, are off subject... I got jumped by a black man the I knew from Memorial high, attacked from behind. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, because after I got up I tackled him and started pummeling him only to receive a very sharp kick to my armpit, and as I looked up, my boy, Adam, was at the side, not even helping me, as if he didn't even know I was there, and then I looked down towards the car of where he came from, where I saw two very large black men, who were definitely not in school anymore making there way out of the car and towards me, and thats when I got kicked in the face and after that I am not sure what happens, short story is I got jumped, for reasons unknown to me, I was just a kid in school, beaten pretty horribly, and my boy didn't even help me at all. Fuck you, Adam. I'm not gonna keep going, you guys get the morale of it.

    Actually these aren't so much betrayals, really, so much as they are WTF moments. Better stories below
    Third story below
  2. does anyone else remember a post a while back that seemed at the opposite end of this?(your friend)
  3. haha look for it
  4. Third story?

    I don't know dude, none of these really seem like that big of a deal.
  5. Alright brother when you get jumped by 5 guys and you get hospitalized and such, feel free to refer to it as no big deal. And if there is a thread opposite to this, I'd like to see it. The liquor one though, I see what you mean. Am I the only one though that flips when your friends burn your money be it bud or booze or say eat both freaking large pizzas you just put on your card and you are lucky if you just get one slice, if any at all?
    That stuff blows man.
  6. I understand where you're coming from, and I understand how these are still betrayals.

    I think we've all found ourselves in the "booze betrayal" at some point of our lives. I remember purchasing a QP for a party and only smoking about an 1/8 of it myself.

    The five guys jumping you whilst your friend didn't get involved is understandable, to an extent. I doubt that your friend's effort would have been to any avail even if he did try to do anything; there's no way he could have held off five other guys.

    It sounds like you're pissed that he didn't try, and that he didn't get beat up with you, IMO.
    This is only my opinion.
  7. The third one man was when I almost got put on legal hold for allegedly misplacing a 1700 dollar motorola radio. I had a sergeant of mine pretty much throw the whole blame on me, when he was the one that misplace it. Oh, the beauty of rank! This story is a whole lot longer but I don't feel like getting too intricate, as I am tired of typing. But I am sure that would have been no big deal also, huh, not only keeping me from enjoying my life outside of the military and smoking, but possibly hitting me with an other than honorable discharge and potentially messing up any job I would choose to get after my time in the Corps was up.
    Maybe I look at things to big, yet I choose to let go and just chill and forget about it more often than not. I mean, It was like 100 something dollars, dude. Maybe that's just change to you guys though. I don't know, it really pissed me off at the time
  8. lol I hear you dude. It was more out of principle.. but yeah it was for the better he didn't do anything, dude. Those guys were fucking huge, and at the time I was only like 160lbs or so... for sure he would've got stomped if he tried to help me out, I see what you are saying
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    The worst betrayal? I've got quite the betrayal....

    Old buddy of mine hit me up to buy some trees, he was the very first person i smoked with and we were neighbors for 8 years. Moved away and lost touch with him for 5 years but partied and had a good time a few months ago. Set up the deal (I don't deal, was just introducing him to my dealer), and the fucker sends two guys to rob my friend and I at gunpoint, on fronted trees..... Hows that for a betrayal....
  10. you win. bummer dude
  11. Swim used to sell lots of dank n make a lot of money doing so, living with brother n friend. So house is bit hectic for 2 3 hours a night but ppl in the house were all friends n had known eachother for 5 plus years 20 in some cases.

    Anyway swim noticed few things go missing but put it down to spnt it smoked it not a lot maybe half o hundred pound so just let it fly. But then 3k n 15oz dissapear over 2 days. swim speaks to brother n house is locked up windows doors taped n camera set.

    Swims brothers friend has stole a key and been breaking into house to steal. He is confronted about this n denies it until he finds out about camera. Its a gread that he will be paying back what he has stole, few days later swim returns home to find hose had been burgled so few phone calls are made and a visit to a bar to get stolen stuff back again same guy involved.

    Swim moves house to new location where 5 people know yet within a month swim is burgled again but this time no idea who it is but only 5 suspects 1 brother n 1 mother so down to 3 anyway it turns out to be lodger from previous house who swim had got a legit job and also a way to earn extra in the evening. so over 2 months swim was 15 20k down n all by supposed friends
  12. One of my really really close friends kicked me in the nuts, then slammed my knee into his face and knocked me out.
    Woke up and my 1/2 O of coke, and my qp of weed were gone along with my 100$ bong
    Shit happens, karma's a bitch. they'll get their turn
  13. I was recently approached by the ADS officer at my school (alcohol and drug services) And she told me that she knew where/how i smoked everyday to such detail that only one of five close friends could of snitched on me but idk which one. ARRRGH!!! :mad:
  14. I see atleat most of u guys got betrayed by friends..but whats even 100x worse.. when its ur fam....

    Story: A Few.
    I just started rolling joints :p(was/still is a bowl/bong toker) so you know there not the best lookin things.. but even just starting out i couldroll em pretty tighT(just tight enuf ;]) so i rolled a couple joints. me my bro and my COUSIN go smoke one.. we go to bed i leave the joint under my keyboard.. wake up the next morning...joint's missing. so i flip search my pants and shxt. I couldnt find it =\ i didnt blame my cousin or bro for taking it but... a week after me and my bro n cousin head up to see some family. At night we go for a smoke walk.. and whadya know my cousin pulls out the exact same joint i rolled.. and says he "took it from his mom, she had like 6 of them"... So i look at the jonit closesly jsut to be sure... it was my joint..

    2(i never confronted my cousin)
    My cousin comes over to my house. And early that day i had just gotten a ride from a friend of mine to a hour away place to get some NICE chrons. (thats 2 hrs to get bud hehe). I show him the weed he gets all excited to smoke it. so i smoke a bowl with him and my brother.. then im like "im packing another one" they said sweet.. when it comes down to smokin' again my cousin doesnt want in.. so i packd a bowl and STU[PID ME left my weed on the counter.. i didnt think hed take it sence it was in plain sight and i had just broken some of it apart and packed it. BUT sure enough.. me and my bro come back fromt he garage (out smoking "area") i look at the weed.. its moved...its smaller..... and my cousin looks kinda.. itchy(ish) ? So that crosses the line and i confront him syain like "dude, i know you took my weed, it was moved, and its smaller, im not "stupid". And he just keeps denying it.. so untill he confessed he gets NO MORE and i havent talked tohim sence..

    thats my story.

    P.S - Ik my bro didnt take it cuz he respects weed. matching up. i smoke him up sumtime when hes dry he smoked me up. flat out brother respect.. And he couldnt have taken the chrons cuz he was SMOKING with me haha.

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