what has been your greatest revelation while tripping?

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  1. what has been your greatest revelation while tripping? the biggest wake up call your mind has recieved whilst under the influence of psychedelia? and what had you taken?


    mine would be a few Years Ago ago when ia friend and i was tripping on some good paper acid we both ate 2 hits of some good thick paper blodder started frying 4 to 5 hours later we ended up going back to my house in the backyard and had like 4 to 5 people we all was tripping and i had a revalation out of everything that was going on my hearing went away and i focused on a friend of mine and watched him age the different faces of the future hed have and it was as clear as a tevilison show lol i got up and was walking towards him to tell him... lol or something..... and he sat up and yelled...... "i just watched you aged man"

    I Swear to god that happened..he diddent know thats what i was seeing....so freaky!!..... we still talk about it to this day!!!! lol ....

    shortly after that he ended up climbing my tree in my backyard and stayed up there for like 4 hours lol ......:eek:

    i miss those nights
  2. well my whole family believes in god so much and everything and i just went with it
    but after 5 grams of potent shrooms i learned what really happens there is none
  3. ?

    "there is none"

  4. Probably rolling with my girlfrind on .3 of molly each (plugged)
    We found out what we want to do with our lives. Like, we understood what who we are and where we want to go.

  5. I Understand Man Thats so cool
    Ive been through things simular
    with past girlfriends of mine.....
    its deffently better to trip/fry with
    s0meone you are close to.
    thanks for sharing man.....:smoke:
  6. like all these no offense bullshit religions how would god write a book and tell u storys
    without telling u what to really do its ridicoulous that so much people believe it

    im not sure if there is something out there but whille i was exploring deep into my mind about god and stuff and seeing if he was real
    i came to a possible conclusion..... i was reading about blaackholes in space that happen when a big star exxplodes and in the begining people believed in the suns and stars
    so what if the sun was our god and making us live but when its black hole arrives
    and we get sucked up into it that is actually heaven or hell or somethingthis couldnt have been been thought of without the help of lsd:)
  7. Last September (or end of August, not exactly sure) I ate 4 hits of family fluff and had the realization that the college I was at was not the one for me.

    I was just beginning my 2nd year at NYU and during the trip I just felt so negatively about the school, for so many reasons, and just a gut feeling, that I knew I couldn't, and wouldn't stay there, and decided right then I was going to transfer.

    For a while however I kept telling people I wasn't sure if I was going to transfer, just to make it seem like I was considering my options, but I had already made up my mind to leave.
  8. None Taken

    What A Honest Answer!

    Very Interesting What Was The Drug You Was On?

  9. How Brave!`
    Was You Right?
  10. Yeah, NYU really wasn't right for me, and even if my new school isn't, it's better.
  11. that im in a prison

  12. lol wtf?
  13. go with the flow and let everyone take care of themselves. it's sort of pointless worrying about what's going on around you because there is so much potential for everything to fuck up and to lose everything that you may as well watch out for number fucking 1. this excludes many things, obviously, but for those bullshit things/moments where flipping out about someone around you isn't gonna help my revelation applies very well
  14. Mine was that it doesn't matter what people think. Especially people in an authoratative role such as judges or religious leaders. We are all equal and their rules and laws don't supercede anyone elses views on life or what they want to do. We are all traveling on the same road looking for mostly the same things.

    on 3 hits of lsd.
  15. i was on 2 hits of acid btw and i had a similar idea in the same trip that you had ^^^^
  16. Awesome man! It was a huge revelation to me at the time because I was raised baptist and was really struggling with questioning my beliefs of how I was raised and was on probation recently for a possession charge so it was like fuck these people making me piss in these cups for them. They aren't better than me just because I choose to put these substances they deem "sinful" or "unlawful" into my body.
  17. it took LSD to make you guys realize that? LSD made me realize that we're just practically like bugs on this planet and we're destroying and that the human race is pretty disgusting. There might be some kind of God it's certainly not the christian God that so many including my whole family believe in. I went to a catholic school from K-12 grade. Religions are just like phases, Some die out some carry on a little longer than others. its just a cycle. its all horse shit, everyone dies eventually. this whole system of going to school and how well you do in a classroom determines your status in life? that's stupid in my opinion.
  18. When I tripped on acid I kept having this nagging feeling that I was on the verge of discovering the meaning of life, LOL. I kept feeling like there was this one incredibly simple explanation for the existence of the universe, and it was on the tip of my tongue but I could never figure it out. It was fun nonetheless, and I wish I had more acid to do it again

    I also thought a lot about how we humans aren't really all that important in the big picture.
    "In the end, we're all just chalk lines on the concrete, drawn only to be washed away"
  19. The Earth began as part of the accretion of the solar system. The formation of the planets (including Earth), asteroids, meteors, comets and the central sun - formed through the tendency of matter to clump together, until finally there were substantial bodies, the planets and their moons, sweeping up all the 'left-over' bits in their orbits. Studies of the Moon's surface show that in its early history it was subjected to bombardment by giant meteorites. Earth's early history must have been even more violent because of the greater gravitational forces involved. None of those early bombardments can be seen today, as they have been transformed by Earth's erosional forces. Most of the meteorite craters which are evident on Earth are much younger. This was the so-called "Hadean Period" from 4600 - 3800 million years ago. During this period the heavier molten iron sank to the middle of the newly forming Earth, to become the core. The lighter material rose to the surface, the lightest of all becoming the crust on the surface. There was also an outgassing of volatilemolecules such as water, methane, ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, which formed the early atmosphere of the Earth. The initial steam atmosphere was made of water from comets and hydrated minerals from volcanic eruptions. Rain fell into proto-ocean about 4300 to 4400 million years ago. All terrestrial planets are thought to have had a similar process in their early histories.
    During the long interval of the Precambrian Era (which includes approximately 90% of geologic time and includes three Eons: the Hadean, the Archean and the Proterozoic) the only inhabitants of the Earth were simple microscopic organisms, many of them comparable in size and complexity to modern-day bacteria. The conditions under which these organisms lived differed greatly from those prevailing today, but the mechanisms of evolution were the same. Genetic variations made some individuals better fitted than others to survive and to reproduce in a given environment. The emergence of new forms of life through this principle of natural selection exerted great changes on the physical environment, thereby altering the conditions of evolution.
  20. That came across rather self pretentious.

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