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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by JointGrabbinJay, Jun 10, 2004.

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  1. what happens when you loose all feeling?
    what happens when you dont care anymore about pain?
    dont care about fear?
    what do you do when your too tired to sleep?or when your so bored that it occupies you? when death is life and life is the only real fear you have? When you realize that were all just animals on a water covered rock eating everything and consuming every resource and dumb people are over-breeding?What happens when the mile takes a decade to walk?What do you do when a beautiful woman drives by and hints a look at you for just a passing second but it feels like forever? If you died in a car wreck would it stop deadly street drags from your feinds? What happens when you loose sight of yourself? How many men (and women) does it take to stop a beliefe? Why does man feel unimaginably drawn to display and inforce our beliefes upon others with different beliefes? When music becomes water flowing through smoke-rings in the sky? when you close your eyes and all you can see in napalm at zero gravity? What do you do...at 4:20?

    every drop of blood
    every bitter tear
    every bead of sweat
    i live for this.
  2. Sounds like good ol\' depression to me. I\'ve had those kind of thoughts before, and I\'ll probably have them again. The thing is, and I know this is probably impossible to do without coming to the conclusion yourself, I take all the feelings of being trapped and life being hopeless and feelings of \"I\'m fucked no matter what I do,\"....and use it positively. I say, \"Well, I\'m fucked no matter what I do, so it\'s pretty pointless worrying about it then!\" If I ever start to feel trapped, I say, \"Can I leave this place I feel trapped at? No? Well, fuck it then.\"

    I\'m not going to tell you everything will work out, because that\'s bullshit. Maybe everything will, maybe it won\'t. So if you\'re thinking about suicide, just realize you can just as easily take all of the feelings that the world sucks and take advantage of it. The world sucks, so go do whatever you want! Go ask that girl out who glanced at you? If she says no, so fucking what? The world sucks!

    Find something you want to do and do the fuck out of it. Nobody will appreciate it as much as you do, nobody will remember you for it (in all liklihood), but who cares? Do you want a bunch of stupid animals to give a crap about you anyway? Fuck them.

    This might only make sense to me, but this has helped a LITTLE bit when I\'m really depressed (because nothing ever happens quickly to take you out of a depression episode).

    And if you\'re not depressed, and just ranting or something, I\'ll delete my post and hope nobody else saw it.
  3. nothing ever works. everything is chance and the jugdements of life are nothing more than that particular persons opinion.
    if nobody explained life in their sense would you be a better person and not live life as if it were tought, but learned?
    trust me its not depression its reality. to come to the conclusion that this is life. it is not some dream that we will wake up from. to know that pain, hate, sadness, happyness are all electrical signals interperited by your brain that can all be controlled through massive intense training. Hope is pointless its just a blindmans faith. Hope can drive a man to the edge of insanity and make him jump hoping he will live.
    in this world were fashoin outshines morality. we need to open our eyes and live life for ourselfs and stop following in the dreams of our fathers eyes. you try your entire life so be the best you can only to die and be forgotten or die early of skin cancer or hit by a drunk driver. my fate is in my hands and god has no will over me. i take control of the reigns. cause after all....life is just a school and death is just the bell.
  4. Too drunk to care... (can\'t believe is pselaled all of thast correctly haha, fuckl aswoah! THis is paradoaxial.)
  5. i just wanted to say that what you wrote was well.......well spoken

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