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what happens when you subscribe to a forum??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cats go Bark, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. i just clicked on the button and it just said i'm now subscribed. what does that mean???? is something special gonna happen now?
  2. whooo you done fucked up now son! ;)
  3. Oh shit, your screwed..better flush all your weed down the toilet before the cops come.You just subscribed to your local drug user list kept by your police department. lol
  4. yeah yo they trace that shit right to your computer usin your run if i were you
  5. aww man ya'all are mean!

    leave it to the men to freak the newbies out...

    all it means is you'll receive an e-mail everytime someone replies to the thread. you can go in to edit your profile and in there somewhere you should be able to unsub to any/all threads you've subbed to, if the e-mails get to buggin ya.

    don't listen to these old fried fuckers, i love 'em to death but they can't resist their evil urges! lol

  6. damn i was just hittin my home made water bottle bong i was usin today and i read this post and i started crackin up and all of a sudden i got lockjaw.....pretty weird...i was laughin and i couldnt move my mouth and it was just shut.....damnb lemme see if some more msoke smoke willll cure it .....but damn guys thx for the laugh....that was some funny shyt.
  7. Damn XxJWxX, hittin that copper bowl again??lol :)

  8. Yucky old girls always got to be a tattletale!!!!

  9. Ganja????? Are you gonna take the yucky comment or do I need to tackle Poppa for you?

    Wait....boy's have cooties...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......

  10. Well, you pick your nose and eat the boogers!!!!! ;)

    And if we got cooties its because the girls gave them to us, you doofina!!!!


    According to my kids, a doofina is a female doofus!!

  11. Ewwww.....only a cootie-infested little immature boy would talk about boogers.

    PUHLEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!! We all know that boys have the cooties and that's how the girls get them. Common sense tell you that! Think about it!

    You Big Ole' Doofus Head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stupid boys....they don't know nuttin'!
  12. settle down kids :)

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