What happens when you die?

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  1. I know no one knows the true answer, but what are some of the things you think will happen when you "die". Give me some of your theories and beliefs. This stuff really interests me since I've been thinking about it a lot recently.
  2. I become fertilizer for the Earth and hopefully people will remember me for a few generations before my memory is lost for the ages. It gives me a reason to live life to the fullest extent possible.
  3. Ahh, i dont have the audacity to guess. But I hope I get the chance to meet dead people from throughout history, see all my deceased pets, and look down on earth as mankind destroys itself.
  4. the electronic synapses in your brain remain active for a fair period of time after 'death.' even a complete decapitation by way of guilletine leaves an active head for 10 seconds, seeing, hearing, thinking.

    it is impossible to say until the journey is made.
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  5. i've been thinking about this shit to alot lately because recently i been smoking crazy buds and they make me think about weird shit

    hopefully..life after death will be in the kindom of heaven and be with the Lord through eternity. thats what i believe in so yeah

  6. Thats fucked up. So you know your dead, and know what had just happened?
  7. we go back to the nothingness we came from...
  8. you fertilize dank buds.
  9. In my theory at this time, I think when we die, whatever energy in our body gets absorbed back into the earth and the chance of me coming back to this world as a life form is slim, and the chance of coming back human even slimmer.

  10. I would love to be energy floating throughout space.
  11. I'll probably crap my pants

    Then afterward, try and travel somehow, or become plant food.

  12. we do not come from nothingness! every atom in your body was forged deep within the furnace of the sun! maybe not even ours. every atom in your body will go somewhere else as you die, dissolved by bacteria, and absorbed by the earth...

    why should we believe that whatever makes up our conciousness will no be reassimilated into a different system?

    edit: also, OP: it's just "Cosa Nostra"
  13. this thread seems like flamebait

  14. prove it.

    and where did the sun come from wise-guy?

  15. I know, Cosa Nostra is some sort of mafia, right? La Costa Nostra sounds cooler
  16. ^ This

  17. reminds me of how high. when he plants that fools ashes in this plant. IVORY? hahha so bommmmb. have to smoke it to see him. good shit.
  18. ive been meaning to find out.
  19. that movie kicks ass, comedy central plays it way too much though
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    you were at one point, dont you remember? for a period of time after the big bang, before you were sucked into a suns gravity which converted you into the more complex carbon molecules that make up your body in the present..... oh yeah that's right, memory requires a storage medium. you cant love being energy being floating throughout space if "you" aren't aware... and what are "you"? a thing? how can you be translated into pure energy? you are a collection of particles and what you mosty are , is a collections of memories that affect your subjective perspective outwards on reality .. once your brain fails to maintain its structure after you die, your memories are lost and you as a result

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