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what happens when you die

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Bingongie420, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. i've always wondered what its like when a person dies, just for the record i dont believe in god or heaven or religion. i just dont see how something like "god" can be real without proof. well anyway, i think when you die its just like nothing, i mean what was it likebefore you were born? nothing! maybe its nothing when you die. maybe you just die and thats it, no thinking, no concept whatso ever. i also believe that you may be reincarnated (sp?), i dunno really what i believe but i certainly dont believe you go to heaven. post arguments or what have you to my thoughts. peace and love.
  2. All I know, is that when I die, I hope it's not as crappy as being alive

  3. haha, same here:D
  4. Hmm... what happens when you die...

    well, you die.
  5. l,ll go for having the best time l can here before l die thanks,lol.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  6. i died once, i walked through the gates of heaven and straight up to god, and he was a baloney sammich

  7. lol. short, to the point and correct.

    i believe in a life before death :)
  8. I think there must be some sort of afterlife. The world is just too idiosycnritic for there not to be a supreme being, and why would such a being end our existence when we still feel so incomplete? Certainly this question affects our current lifestyle. As fun as it would be to become a full blown headonist, I feel an obligation to try and better the living conditions for the next generations (espescially my offspring).

  9. That point could easily be argued both ways... I like to think of the odds of things happening sometimes. for example, what are the odds of a thing like human life EVER coming to be? Well, they're slightly larger then infinitesimal. BUT there is still a chance. The universe tumbled through existence for so long then all of a sudden the odds changed because for so long, intelligent life had not happened. the probabilities had shifted and life had begun.
    A long series of chain chemical reactions that continue today.

    That's the startrek in everyone. :D If you may or may not recall, that is one thing i remember from the says of treking, "They did away with money to welcome a philosophy of humankind betterment," primarily for future generations.
  10. I believe in reincarnation. I think that we go through a series of stages, or several life, which start from the lowest creature, perhaps a worm, and each life we learn, and grow into the next animal, a bird. Then a cat, then dog, then possibly an ape, then all the way until we reach being a human. I think that being human may be the last stage we go through, and after than we just die. Our souls are lost, and that's the end. If this idea is correct, be kind to all animals, because you never know who is your child, or who is your daughter.

    Just an idea...

  11. this is a common beleif that humans are at the top.

    but why is it so?

    who is to say that an Oak Tree, or an Elephant, or a Dolphin, or a Cow isnt the highest level of sentience on this planet?
  12. A cow. Hinduism is based less on stages of existance and more on you will be reincarted based on how good you were. If you're real good, eventually you get to be a cow, which would suck considering how much people like meat. I think I'm going to stick with believing in Heaven.
  13. I dunno, it seems the older I get the less things seem to add up. I was raised to believe in heaven and all that stuff but it just doesn't make sense...

    What would be the point of there being multiple planes of existence if you can't take what you learned in the previous "life" and apply it in the next? Why can't I remember being that earthworm, bird, or cat (see BuddhasPatio's argument)? What did I learn? Am I still making the same mistakes?

    In this life anyway we are taught to learn from the past. That's what makes it worth recording in books and studying in school. I just can't see the value in a past we are not allowed to recall. It seems to me like all the other planes of existence, if they exist, would serve no purpose.

    I think you're "afterlife" is a lot like your "beforelife." You didn't exist before random sperm from guy A got it on with random egg from girl B. I think death is a lot like that but in reverse.

    Currently I think death is just the end.

    ...but I'm willing/waiting to be persuaded.
  14. "this is a common beleif that humans are at the top.

    but why is it so?

    who is to say that an Oak Tree, or an Elephant, or a Dolphin, or a Cow isnt the highest level of sentience on this planet?"

    Whose using guns man?
  15. the common belief that humans are at the top is because of our advanced communication, self awareness above what is observed in other animals/objects, and the fact that we use tools and build intriquite(sp?) things.
  16. What if creatures like dolphins, for example, highly inelliget, are intelligent enough to know how to live in haromny with nature, and that their social societal structure is tha way because they decide it is. Maybe they know structure, order, and technology are the opposite of nature and avoid it on purpose. How do we know? until we can figure out how to communicate with animals we will never know.

    I think when you die you become fertilizer, conscoiusness of existence ends becvause of the breakdown in cellular structure during decomposition and cellular oxidation, but the elements you break down to become part of our creator, the earth and nature itself. I think trying to lump the entirety of existence, it's intricacy, it's symbiosos, yet it's unstable randomness and giving it the name of a being, God, does a great injustice and closes a lot of eyes to the wonders of the natural world and the mechanism that we use to describe it, Science.

    Therefore when you die you become fertilizer but while you are alive the existence of existence itself is there for you to experience in it's fullness, and if you really want to stand face to face with your creator, reach down to the ground, pick up a lump of dirt, and get all stoned nad pick throught he microcosm of infinite variations in the grains of dirt and particles of rock n crap. Use a microscope it helps you trip out on cool shit like that.

  17. You're right, we don't know. My description above is based on the way we percieve things, not necessarily the way things are. Of coure, you have to think, even if dolphins knew that, at some point there would be 1 or more dolphins with a different point of view and would somehow show us that they were different.
  18. My point being abotut the dolphins, is that they may be like the ancient buddhists if the animal world, maybe they are the definition if enlightebed being, but then again, ants can be too, we just dont know.

    I've interacted with wild dolphins before and one time i had a dolphin hang out with me for a week at sea, a lone dolphin that swam alongside my sailboat for 7 days of sailing, and everytime i'd look down at the water, the dolphin would be there, would turn sideways, look up, and do this thing with it's fin that seemed to suggest the dolphin was giving me a "thumbs up" to let me know everything is cool. The dolphin even stuck by during a stormy night in the ocean, and stayed right beside the boat the whole way. They are scary smart, and if they had opposable thumbs and legs they could prolly walk up on the beach and show us how to run shit right.

    oh yeah, and when i die, chuck me in a hole in the dirt with a bunch of weed seeds and see what grows. ill try to grow you all some good shit. Put worms in there too so they can eat my ass and leave good castings.
  19. i think that you will just vanish from life, and u wont know what hit u, because u will be gone from existence, people may have rememberance or pics or you, but you are gone forever. i think u just become nothing! i dont know until i die!
  20. I know dolphins are scary smart. I used to watch too much discovery channel and animal planet and The Learning channel and stuff.

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