What happens when we die?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Predator1, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Sorry if this is an old thread, i searched and came up empty.

    I just woke up from a dream in which I fell out of an airplane- and instead of waking up when I hit the ground, I just died. In the dream, I kept thinking, "Why didnt I wake up? Am I really dead?" I felt myself floating up above my body, then I guess my brain overloaded and I woke up.

    It was an incredibly strange feeling. When I woke up I was almost slightly disappointed (Dont get me wrong, I love life) that I would have to wait to see what happens when we die. But I honestly thought that I had died in real life...Kind of a scary feeling, definitely put some shit in perspective.

    Back on topic, what do you folks think happens to us?
  2. i wanna be reincarnated as a weed plant, and watch all my homies smoke me. :D
  3. That is what happens when we die, we awake into a new life.

    No im joking, I think its just like before we were born, simply not existing (i know that is a scary thought, but maybe we are not all that important and as grand as we think we are)

    That is what I think happens as I am an atheist and dont eat the bullshit that has been fed to us as children from an ancient book people used to profit off the ignorance and gullability of ancient man.

    The thought that we can think and have personality makes me think that there must be something for us after death but if you think about it, if you put a 100 monkeys in a room with typewriters for ever, they wil write the bible, similarly, the same conditions wil be met somewhere in this infinite universe and those conditions will create another you (the same chemical combinations in the same environment)

    Lucky for us, we live in a time where we have two major events that can happen... one, the bad one, which i personally think will happen, corrupt people with lots of power or a natural dissaster( or more than one) or a combination of the two will kill all of humanity on earth.

    The second one is that we will become such an advanced civilization through science (my god) and we will be able to have humans that live forever and we will harness the power of the entire universe.

    I personally hope for option two but I think a life where we know everything and can just push a button to be "happy" is kind of boring, although I dont know what that life would exxactly be like... could have some aspects that still keep it fun.

  4. I dont think you fully grasp the concept of science.
  5. Hell I dont think any of us know what happens when we die, only the dead.
  6. Sounds like you had an out of body experience.
    Also known as Astral Projection.
    You can actually teach yourself to do this.
    Check with Google or w/e.

    I believe we don't die, but transition to the next phase of existence.

  7. Are you referring to reincarnation, or something else?

  8. When we are born,at the time of conception,we gain the little "spark of life.Throughout life this spark grows in us like an electrical charge to a battery.Becoming more than it was.It is our own actions that determine,at the moment of our death,whether our spark has remained positive(good)or has indeed been infected to the negative(evil).If the latter occurs our spark is gone forever.Snuffed out.Unaccapted.If it has remained positive then it is taken back into the fold of energy we call our universe and with each and every conception on earth,another little spark is taken in and so the "cycle of life"continues.I wish I could elaborate further but this is only "my" idea of life and death.Am I right?Who knows.Peace!!!:wave:
  9. I like the idea of a "spark of life." And I too have had a dream where I have died and returned before waking up (actually I'm not sure if the guy who posted this returned in the actual dream but I did). But I'm not sure I can fully commit to a belief in heaven. i.e. a place where everything is perfect and all the angels are naked and god and jesus make pancakes for everyone while all your dead pets and relatives tell you how cool you are (that's right, the dogs can talk too). I do believe, however, that a soul, or a "spark of life" can metaphorically live forever. It's hard to explain exactly why I believe this is true, but I've thought for a long time about it.

    But what happens after you die? I would say that physically your body is recycled. The atoms that you are made of are returned to the cosmos and you become part of everything else (but who's to say that we aren't part of everything else already?) I doubt that our conciousness will endure death though. But what we really "are" is more than just conciousness. Perhaps we let go of our conciousness and transcend to a full awareness. That would be nice.
  10. "What happens when you die?"

    Easy. You are dead. You are no more. No more than you was before you was born.

    Is that a bad thing? And if you think so, why?

    Personally it is easy. We live, and we should consider us selves lucky for doing so. Especially us in the rich part of the world. Then we die. End of story.

    During our lifetime we got a mission though. Make this world a better place for those generations that follow us. And that is all.

    May humanity prosper for ever. And then some.
  11. Death is a disease that should be beaten, so that one day, no one will have to ask "what happens when you die?". :)

    They may ask "What happens if you get sucked into a black hole?", though. :p
  12. hehehe.

    Well, wouldn't being disintegrated to sub particles and then packed into a solid, very solid, mass be interpreted as, well, death? No more construct to uphold sentience equals no contemplation. No thought. Death.
  13. i dont know exactly what events are going to take place after i die, but im one hundred percent positive i know where im going. its a great feeling.

  14. Is that not a contradiction in terms. You do not know, yet are 100% certain? Not the definition of doubt in my dictionary...

  15. i guess i didnt word it correctly, i apologize. i hope you know what i mean.

    "i dont know exactly what events are going to take place after i die, but im one hundred percent positive i know where im going."

    its like faith, for example. i dont know where im being lead, but i know and love the one who is leading me. hope that makes sense.
  16. Aye, the only way to die, being sucked into a black hole. But then, we'd probably have people confusing black holes with worm holes and thinking they might pop out into the peanut butter galaxy or something. Hence the question, "What happens if you get sucked into a black hole?" :p

    Although, we could conquer death in a manner that would allow us to survive even a black hole. We'd be trapped for an eternity and probably go insane. :p

    "A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything." - Frederick Nietzsche<hr>What happens to us when we die? Having never died I cannot really answer this question, though most likely, we simply cease to be. Which does indeed suck, and it is one of the main reasons we should kick death in the face and tell him to get lost. ;)
  17. Vanity is my favourite "sin". Taste it, know it.

    Reject it.

    Or to put it in logical terms, how can you know something there is no possibility of knowing? Sure you are not confusing wishing with knowledge?

    Just asking. :smoke:

    Edit: Since you was so nice to bring up Nietzsche Roach:

    "There is too little love in this world to waste any on invisible fathers in the sky!"
  18. im surely not confusing wishing with knowledge. i can see very well why people would think its an act of "wishing", because it almost seems too good to be true. i really dont know how to explain it.

    its like the feeling of going to a tropical paradise for vacation, like Tahiti. you've never been there before and dont know all of the small details, but its more than enough to know that its a beautiful place. :D
  19. Sooooo, you wish to go there. You know it would be good, but still you only imagine it to be good. You have no experience. You won't know until you've actually been there.

    So my point still stands. How can you know something you cannot possibly know?

    Not to put you on the spot so to speak, just saying be careful about claiming stuff you cannot back. Feelings is not grounds for making sure of anything except interpersonal relationships. And even those are not certain.
  20. exactly!

    its a hard concept not just for atheists, but christians as well. i ask myself this sometimes, as a matter of fact.

    "am i really on an airplane heading for Tahiti?" *looks around the plane* "sure am!"

    if i decided to call you on my cell phone, zylark, and tell you that i was heading for Tahiti on a one-way flight, you would just have to take my word for it!

    edit: might not be the greatest analogy, but i hope you see what i mean.

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