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What happens when u smoke 24 7 for 30 days. . .no joke

Discussion in 'General' started by jake4283, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. idk how many other people have seen this movie (Super High Me) its just like super size me but instead of eatin mcdonalds he smokes weed. n when i say he smokes weed i mean, HE SMOKES WEEEEEEEEEEEEED. this dude from the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed he is high. i think he actually wakes up high. well this guy smokes weed all day, n basically in the beginning he doesnt smoke for 30 days n they do all these tests on him, n then he smokes 24 7 for 30 days n the do the same tests again, n the guy GETS FUCKIN SMARTER, it was crazy, he was high plus he was eating a weed brownie while he was takin the SAT test, n he scored 50 POINTS HIGHER WHEN HE WAS STONED, then he did the psychic test n out of 25 oppurtunities he got 1 right sober, but when he was high he got 8 outta 25 on the psychic test. :0 n then the doctor examined everything about him after the 30 days and found no changes in anything. lungs were unaffected brain was fine, everything was fine except he gained 6 pounds. but i mean u can gain 6 pounds by eatin easily. so i mean this guy was HIGH FOR 30 DAYS, N GOT SMARTER, Y IN THE HELL DO DOCTORS NOT PRESCRIBE WEED TO STUPID PEOPLE? AND Y IN THE HELL IS IT ILLEGAL?
  2. whaaaaaa?
    thats awesome...
    is it a straight up documentary or is there any enjoyable funny parts and drama?
  3. no drama. it's a documentary but the guy is a comedian and they show parts of some of his acts so it's sort of funny. mainly the go around interviewing people,visiting places and you see him buying marijuana from the club and performing tests.
  4. i'd be right in the looney bin

    tho everytime I smoke all I get is psychotic symptoms..no high, just psychotic:mad:
  5. cool cool..ill watch it anyway. hopefully i could find it on youtube.
  6. Yeah,i have seen it. It is a super awesome doco. While they were filming, DEA raided a dispensary the doco was filming at, which was interesting to watch and made me hate the hypocrisy we have to put up with. You can watch the entire film online for free as well, just google 'super high me free online' like i did, and you can watch the film in its entirety.
  7. That's a crazy movie. Dave Benson is hilarious. I want to try all those delicious edibles he was snacking on.
  8. You mean Doug Benson?


    Hey rainbow, maybe you should lay off the bong for a little while.

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    Not sure what version you saw man.

    The one I saw gets really sick at the end, the last shot we get of him is him hunched over the toilet, blood stains on the cuff of his collar, his head buried in the porcelain, his friends surrounding him, it fades out then updates ("8 months later") and informs the viewer that he died from from lung cancer. RIP.

  10. hahahaha... my old "friend" was named dave benson.
  11. Are you sure you were watching 'super high me'? Are you sure you weren't watching nothing?
  12. It's a public domain film i'm pretty sure. Or there's no copyright laws or somthing, either way it should be pretty common on the internet for these reasons.
  13. hahaha!

    yeah i saw that movie quite a while back. the thing that bugged me was when he was eating a rice krispy treat filled with weed and hes like 'wow they really took the treat out of rice krispy treat." Ive eaten weed filled rice krispy treats a couple times, and imo the weed flavor adds to the treat.. cmon doug!
  14. Actually his lungs weren't unaffected, he lost 3% lung capacity. But thats just because of all the smoke he inhaled over the 30 days, if he'd used a vape every time, he wouldn't have gotten that.

    Just goes to show you that weed really is harmless, its the idiots drug, no matter what you do with it, you can't hurt yourself with it, unless you count a painful coughout/choke.

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