What happens when taken off 12/12?

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  1. A seedling has grown to be a big young man, he has to go. A friend said to just put it out behind his house since he lives in the country.

    The plant has been flowing 3 or 4 weeks. Buds are about an inch now, skinny though.

    1, What happens when you take a plant off 12/12 and put them outside?
    2, Is the buds on the males half ass smokeable after you take out the seeds?
  2. Alright...males do not grow buds...females do

    Males do not produce seeds...females do

    If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, a plant moved outside now will probably stay in flower as most places have long enough nights now to keep a plant in flower...
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    Ah, I never really knew for sure if males produced buds. Been meaning to look it up. And for males not producing seeds, I guess I just assumed those ball things had seeds in them.

    This is the male in question.


    and the thing I thought was a bud:


    Is that going to turn into a cola of seeds, or is it a hermaphrodite - looks pretty budish. But this is first grow so I don't know. Now that I see it macro'd like that, it looks a lot more like balls than a bud.

    All the other ones pretty much look like this:



    edit: One more thing, how fast can they pollinate the females? Would it be safe to leave in tonight, or have I already blew it?
  4. Yeah...those are clusters of pollen sack...no seeds...throw a garbage bag over it and get rid of it tomorrow...some people may say to try make hash outta it, but ime it's not worth it...males are garbage unless you want to collect pollen...

    Honestly the other one, I'm not really sure...I'm an old man and my eyes suck...:eek:

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