What happens when I click "report this post to a moderator"?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by NtothePtotheK, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. I mean I know what it's there for, but is there any way of knowing which moderator (of the respective forum) it will go to? Or does it kind of just go into a queue that any mod can pick from? Or is it a round-robin kind of scheme? Just curious, I've never done it and don't want to, just to find out. I have a feeling that might annoy some mods ;)

  2. A link to the thread is sent to the mods of the forum..
  3. Yup, what BH said. It goes to all Mods of that forum.
  4. Ah so EVERY mod sees it huh... ok.. will use sparingly ;)
  5. Please do use it sparingly!!!
  6. how often do people report posts?
  7. On ocassions but not alot.. Just when things get out of hand or someone post BS!
  8. i see. i didnt think it'd be much here everyone just gets along 99% of the time
  9. Just the way we like it!!!!!

  10. Yep.
    Just the way we like it!!!!! :D
  11. *hmm I could say
    just the way we like it agian, but I think that'd sound kinda creepy after 3*

    I've only gotten three the whole time I've been a mod, but thats not very long ago.
  12. One good thing about having the mods we have.... There is usually some one on at all times..

    If a mod isn't here at the moment, one will be along soon!!!!
  13. this is the only place where the mods are generally sound. every other forum mods are powermad dicks. Hurrah for blade mods!

    On a different note. If I did something like got a fucking amazing pipe and just wanted to show it to the world could I press the report to mod button so that I get maximum viewage? heh... I know, I know, I was only joking.

  14. OI! im a mod on a few other forums thank you very much!

    And i hardly ever have to do anything on my forums, :p.
  15. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing (topic), but was weary of trying it... I figured it would be instanly sent, instead of bringing you to a new page with a form to fill out as to why you reported it. That's why I didn't try, cause I've never felt a need to report.

    BTW... I was under the impression that all the mods generaly have to have some form of IDing them as mods... such as these examples: "mod", or *"Master Of Delinquents"*, "Moderator", etc. under their nicks...?

    *(Yea, I thought that one up myself :D)*
  16. Look to the left above the advatar...


  17. that's it as far as i know ;) .........Peace out......Sid
  18. The city kick ass, because we (anyone whom logs in) make it so.

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