what happens when goverments disarm their citizens?

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    I'm aware that free speech is being threatened. I am just saying that at the moment we are in much better shape than a countries like Ecuador, Iran or North Korea. Free speech is not banned.

    Just curious, what other these other bills that you are talking about?

    They did do it and some people did protest it. However it was only covered on a few T.V. channels and most people did not hear a word about it.

    Check out section 1021.

  2. I must have interjected at the wrong point because I do not follow the comparison to being tortured and murdered.

    I agree it is not an outright ban, it is a limitation, but I think that the first amendment is pretty clear on that.

    The Bill or Rights are slowly corroding... it is quite unfortunate. Quite.

  3. My original point was just that free speech has not been completely banned in the U.S. At least not to the point that it has been in countries like Ecuador, North Korea, etc.

    I def agree that our free speech is being threatened though.

  4. Well we basically agree then, in that I also agree that we have broader free speech rights in the US then North Korea, however I don't want to live in a society where free speech is infringed anywhere near North Korea. Once you get to that point you've already lost the battle. IMHO. So ANY attack on free speech is unacceptable to me. And no I am not saying people should yell fire in a crowded movie theater.
  5. Definitely. I just thought it was worth mentioning that, in my opinion, the FCC is abridging the freedom of speech.

    There are much more severe offenses that the government has done, though. The patriot act for example. It wipes out several stipulations of the bill of rights. A record.

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