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What Happens When (Cali) Clubs Get Raided?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mushroomtea, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. So, I hear about this club and that club getting raided and this and that, but there is one thing that is never clear to me. What happens?

    Does the owner get arrested? Does he just get his stock of bud confiscated? Is he just told to shut down?

    What happens? Do the club owners go to prison, or is it a risk free business?
  2. They can come and shut you down and confiscate your stuff but they can't arrest you or anything i dont it does take several certifications to be able to run a club, and business is usually run very professionally at these clubs, very similar to a pharmacy. Just speaking from presonal observations though, can't tell ya for sure.
  3. It really depends on the situation. Some clubs get raided just to have their cash and meds confiscated (people may be detained, but no official arrests), and then the club has to basically start from scratch again. Some can come back from the dead, but a lot of them just wither away and die after a DEA raid.
  4. I don't understand, if they raid these clubs, then why are the clubs allowed to begin with?

    I would think that if it was so severe that they would come in and confiscate all the herb, that they wouldnt allow it...
  5. State law allows the medicinal use of marijuana, when distributed by licensed facilities that adhere to local standards.

    It's the FEDERAL law that prohibits use of the substance, as it still is classified as a schedule one substance.

    This is an example of where Federal law supersedes state law. Back during the civil war, slavery was another example of a hot button issue.

    Anyone whose been down for a minute can tell you that the federal government makes more money off of this substance being illegal, as it creates an entire industry of law enforcement officials, lawyers, treatment centers, jail and construction firms, as well as all associated corporations.

    That being said, Cali clubs will always resurface after they're buried. Clubs for the most part, do not grow their own mary. They have it provided by highly esteemed individuals that take their job very fucking seriously. The cash might be confiscated, the pictures might make CNN, and a couple people that might've eaten too many oreos are SOL. Nothing is solved, except the law enforcement's department cash flow issues.

    I've seen the video where people are protesting a raid while it's going down. One of the protesters shouts out, "Go bust a meth lab you fucking pussies!"

    The plant's been around longer than civilization and is older than organized religion. Maybe after all the polar ice has melted, we'll realize that there's bigger problems than stopping people from ingesting a substance that's older than the english language.

  6. The DEA are pussies.
  7. I hate the DEA, they're big fuckig leeches, just like with cocaine, they probably resell the confiscated material to street dealers, for a jacked up price, an ounce that would normally go for 280-300 will end up 400+ because of those fuckers.
  8. Yeah I've seen that also. That is from Super High Me. The DEA seemed so unprofessional too. Fuckin douche bags!! As of lately though, the DEA seems to have chilled out with the raids.

    For anyone who would like a clearer understanding on MMJ in Cali, I recommend you watch Super High Me.

    Here is a trailer for it...

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    And here is the scene with the DEA raid.

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  9. But to answer the question, Yes, you can go to Federal Prison for a LONG time for operating a Club.

    A club in Nor-Cal was busted in '06, they finaly went to trail and got convicted on 7 Felony counts, including running a continuing criminal enterprise . That charge alone is a Mandatory Minimum 20-years in a fed penn.

    This was the first club owner to actually go to trial. The Feds won, which now sets the tone for what is to come.

    Here is the details of the case i am talking about. Sentencing is set for August.
  10. depends on what kind of illegal activity is happening there for them to get raided.. its def. not a risk free business, owners can go to jail for a loooong time
  11. Thats actually very sad, about the raid video. I love the guys speach at the end. Why are these pussies fighting the small guys when they could be going for the big fish?
  12. Its legal in the state of cali, but its still illegal federally, so the DEA can come and shut them down. Everything is confiscated including medical records.
  13. Not to get all geeky, but I don't see how the federal government has jurisdiction on this. Where in the Constitution does it say the government is responsible for drug enforcement? It seems like the 10th Amendment comes into play here and this is a states rights issue. Anyone know if this is slated to go to the US Supreme Court?

  14. If i'm not mistaken this is the stance for the Hinchey Amendment.

  15. You say that as if the Supreme Court actually gave a damn about the Constitution..?
  16. yea but i heard they 're trying to pass something in cali to keep the dea out of the dispensaries?? no??
  17. No, the federal government has no official authority to supercede state law. Federal and state laws were never meant to conflict. If it's not in the constitution, the states have the legal right to make a law about it, and the federal government is supposed to respect that. What we have here is a population that doesn't care about the principles that this country was founded on any more.

  18. This is completly false. And if you actually lives in Cali, you would know that is not true. Please, do not spread false info. If you do not know for sure, then do not post.

    If you knew what you were talking about, you would realize that "clubs" do not have Medical records.

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