What happens to the bud's mass when you vaporize it?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by cegner, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. ok, excuse me for being way too high, but what happens when you vape weed, and the bowl that you packed is like half original size, but at the same time it's not ash. it's blowin my mind somebody put the pieces back together for me, thank you!

    -humpty dumpty
  2. You probably put some fluffy ass weed in it.
  3. That's all the THC and moisture vaporizing and going into your lungs.
  4. Well the heat through convection is vaporizing the thc so you're losing that extra mass that is on the leaves already, but most importantly you're also heating up the bud itself. You're not BURNING it, but it is being heated up so if you can tell it changes color and also shrivels or compresses due to the hot air pressure when you take the hit.

    It's really hard to really determine how it ended up "half" the size you put in there unless you told us how much you put, how hot you're heating it, and how far the heat source is (the source that is heating up the air) from the actual bud chamber itself, but the hot air is the culprit of why the bud's mass "seems to go away."
  5. Quite simply becuase you are losing all the water weight and active compounds. All the water & THC will evaporate leaving you with dry, crispy bud that is around half the origional weight.

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