What Happens To People Whose First Experience With Cannabis Is Through A 1-Gram Dab?

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    Does anyone know?
    I remember getting trippy-high when I first started smoking weed, and all it took was a bowl of mids to be toasted.  Had I attempted to smoke a 1-gram dab of medical hash oil, I probably would have become the first statistic for dying from being too high.
    Friend 1:  Yo, have you ever tried weed?
    Friend 2:  [Haha], no, why?
    Friend 1: Well, I have some marijuana cookies if you're interested in trying one or three.
    Friend 2: Golly Friend 1, I don't know...I think I'll just stick with alcohol haha.
    Friend 1: *Shows Storm Crow's list, then tells friend that the cookies are kind of weak because he didn't add enough....MARIJUANAS (In reality, each cookie is infused w/ two grams of medical grade hash oil.)
    Friend 2: You know what, let's do it!  How many should I take?
    Friend 1:  These cookies are weak, so eat two, or else it won't even work.
    Friend 2: *Eats two cookies.
    Please tell me this has happened to you, or you did it to someone else, and that both parties could not get the smile of their face throughout the duration of being high.

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    I imagine anyone that tried that much oil for their first time was too scared to use it again! Lol. I smoked quite a bit my first time, but that much oil would have scared me away.

    I know a girl that ate some brownies with just mids in them for her first time and she was screaming and shit. Lol. We were all just stoned and laughing but she wasn't enjoying it to much when it really started to come on.. Oh we'll. she eventually mustered up the courage to try it again and liked it.
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  3. This.
    If you've ever had edibles that were just way to potent for you, you would know. My most recent attempt at edibles just obliterated my wife and me. We tried to just sleep it off, but our minds were racing so much that we just couldn't sleep. It wouldn't have been so bad, but it gave me this falling sensation that was nauseating. It was worse for my wife. It gave her anxiety and a racing heartbeat and she was getting a little panicky. If that had been my first experience with weed I don't think I would have ever picked it up again, and it was still probably less intense than a 1-gram dab.
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  4. I don't think a first first time smoker could even inhale a one gram dab.
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  5. They wouldn't smoke ever again.
  6. I have to try this dab thing everyone speaks of.
  7. I think they might implode and turn to dust. Scary shit, ive seen it with my own eyes. I SEEN IT.
  8. I think a 1-gram dab would make ME go insane, never mind someone with no tolerance.
  9. That might turn into a bad experience which they avoid by never smoking again.
  10. They would have a coughing fit as soon as they started to inhale. Then they would either drop the bong or throw up from coughing so much, after that they would probably be extremely paranoid and never want to try weed again... I don't know why anyone would do that to someone's that never smoked before... I would be extremely pissed if someone gave me a one gram dab my first time smoking. Hell I don't think I could handle that now and I've been smoking for 4 years

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