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What happens to patient records when a dispensary is raided by the feds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ogderp, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I live in CA, and a dispensary that I used to go to got raided by the feds due to the federal crackdown by the Obama administration. I know that when the feds raid a dispensary, they always confiscate not only the medicine, but also the patient records. I was wondering if my records will be put into some sort of criminal database, or if they just destroy them. I'm currently unemployed and have been looking for work, so I was getting paranoid that something marijuana-related is going to show up if a potential employer does a background check or anything else on me.
  2. I know no facts about this.

    My guess is tho. I don't think they can charge you with anything since you we're not in the act so what could they put on your record? I believe I read somewhere they destroy most that shit.
    Fuck Obama
  3. i read somewhere obama wasnt going to crack down on washington and Colorado, why would they still be hitting up legal dispensaries? i dont think they would search the records and put them on file as criminal, i mean your legally allowed to buy it if you got a card so your not doing anything wrong.
  4. if they wanted you, they wouldnt of raided the dispensary.

    they wanted to shut the facility down not get info on people weirdo
  5. should be protected by HIPPA regulation....but the feds came up with HIPPA so.....
  6. No way anyone doing a background check would be able to tell since its not on your record..not much the feds can do either but maybe watch people they think are operating illegally
  7. HIPPA but who knows.

    They dont want to come after you anyways. They want the ones who were supplying the dispensary or whoever supplies your dealer most likely. Wasted funding on the small.
  8. A dispensary I used to go to a few years ago here in CA that kept getting shut down then the owner would reopen it finally got shut down for good and the owner is facing 10 years to life, he has some little petition save him or something. I figure the records well, they aren't tossing them out but nothing will come of it. You'll be some name in some file that nobody will ever care about I imagine. Certainly not something that people could look up or anything like that.

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