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What happens to patient records when a dispensary gets raided?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ogderp, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. I live in CA, and a dispensary that I used to go to got raided today, and I know when raids happen that the DEA takes patient records as evidence. I was just wondering if they put the records into some kind of federal database and it shows up when you're applying for a job.
  2. Your patient status is still covered by Federal HIPAA laws, and as such there's no database like you have suggested. There is nothing they can do with those records legally.

  3. If there is an investigation going on they remain confidential until the investigation is over. It is arguably a HIPPA issue after that but chances are they are at least shearing with other federal law enforcement agencies if you are the one being investigated as the result of their possession of those records. Are you considering a carrier in federal law enforcement?
  4. It is a little gray to me Will. The fed does not recognize it as medicine. Since they raided the safe access point they at least suspect they are selling to people who are not patients. Remember the only reason they don't go after patients is because we are expensive to convict or should I say it is expensive to keep us in prison because of our health issues. Enough of those patients named in the records to take the operator to court will be investigated to support that case. Customs, homeland security, the FBI who ever issues passports etc will know the names of the patients at least as a part of that investigation looking for the kids pretending to be sick. Information about illegal drug use (Federal Law not state) would require a conviction before it propagated beyond law enforcement. They wont compromise the investigation.
  5. Federal resources are stretched thin, therefore do not have the man power or funds to pursue patients. Unless there are any anomolies with your purchase records(if those are required to be recorded, im eastcoast) you should have no worries. Additionally, it is unlikely any jury will convict a patient. Stay within the state laws/regulations, should be all set.
  6. If there was a hard drive in the place it was read as evidence. The manpower required to in-port the data from this data base to that one is near nil.
  7. you make it sound like they are actually law abiding citizens, when we both know who laws really apply to.

    Richard K Morgan.

    So while 'legally' they cant do it much about those records, I dont think its a stretch of the imagination to say that its possible for them to fabricate some bullshit reason to do what ever the hell they want\

    my two cents.

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