What Happens To Flowering Plant When Light Schedule Is Changed

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  1. I am a fairly experienced hydro grower- but not a botonist.  I felt like such a bonehead when I discovered what I did to my plants. =(
    I had plants flowering mid march.  Mid April or so- I added a cfl - buds were already big & beautiful (after being hounded to do so by my so).  After about 2 weeks-ish, I noticed some new leaves growing that looked WIERD (like 1 leaf) & new flowers.  Ahhhhhhh- I figured out that when I installed the new CFL in the center- I didn't put it on the timer. FML!!!!  So, it was on 24/7.  The big HPS was on 12/12 as scheduled.
    It appears my plants restarted flowering, never hemied, and now I'm at 67 days & my original harvest date.  Some of the buds looked 'done' & I've cut 'em.  The trichs are mixed- some amber, some milky, some clear on the same bud- why is this?  Some buds are obviously new.  Can someone explain to me in not terribly tech terms what I'm looking at & the best course of action.  I'm letting some flowers continure to grow.
    In addition- I'm traveling soon- so I had this timed to cut, dry & cure before traveling.  I'm against the ropes on time & hate to just scrap the entire grow at thsi time.  Do i have any choices?
    Thank You!
    PS  Growing Blueberry & Tutenkamen  (tried the tut- it wasn't totally dry- baked me for about 4 hours).

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    One of the more interesting grows I've seen, is the growing of a very large(10'+) northern lights at the back of a chicken ranch, the guy left the outside security light on during the dark hours, resulting in one side of the plant staying in veg, whilst the other side stayed in the dark and budded out, this is so cool I thought.
    very similar has happened to you, best to continue taken the buds as they mature, you may try to reset the plants clock by leaving the lights of for 24-36 hours, but depending on age and maturity it may work....?
    A green coloured light bulb will prevent this from happening in the future, best I can advise is pick and dry when the trics are your colour.

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